Chateau de Puligny Montrachet Meursault 2008

$180 - Burgundy

chateau de puligny montrachet meursault 2008
I would like to point out that I drink white wine warmer than most Australians (just chilled, not frozen cold).
If you over chill good quality white wines, you might as well save your money and drink iced water.

Wine Fact #1

White wines in the cheaper price range are Best drank frozen cold, because at a colder temperature it will mask any faults, flavour or imperfections in the wine.
Drinking a white wine of good quality, no matter what grape variety it is. I would suggest 45-degrees is a good staring point, you will see the flavours open and develop as the wine warms. This gives you a real insight into what the wine has to offer.

The Wine

In the glass, the wine has a golden straw hue with a green tinge.
The first thing that impressed me was the wonderful nose, a perfume of ripe pears and mature honey with some deep wood notes, and a little warmth.
 This all followed through on the palate, delivering a rather full-bodied and richly textured wine. The palate delivers flavours of honey and pears, with clean acid followed by a honey, almond acid finish.
Good acidity is still holding the wine together and in balance with the fruit. However, I would drink this wine soon, as I believe this wine will hold on for a time. But for myself, it is at its best now. (will age further but I don’t know how much better the wine can get)

Wine Fact #2

This wine was stunning, however, the body and the flavours did remind me of some top-end Australian Chardonnay’s, I have drunk recently.
The point being; although there is still a big difference between white Burgundy and Australian Chardonnay.
I would like to point out. The difference is becoming less in some degree.
Australia is making some world-class Chardonnay.
Glad I got that off my chest. The flavours and perfumes have been niggling at me all the way through the bottle. Wonderful stuff.

The Food

A good food pairing, this wine is a stunner.
The wine worked well with a light fish curry cooked in coconut cream on a bed of Jasmine rice. Yes, I did enjoy it, the flavour of the (handmade) curry paste was light and not overpowering. The acid in the wine was rounded and cut through the coconut cream and honeyed flavours went well with the blue grenadier used in the curry.

Michael Lillis

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