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Does Medicare Cover Surgery?

does medicare cover surgery?
First, let’s look at what Australia’s Medicare system is all about. Medicare, the public health system provided by the Australian Government and funded in part by a small levy of 2 per cent of an individual’s taxable income.  Medicare is a universal health care system...

What is the Fastest Way to Clean a House?

what is the fastest way to clean a house?
There’s nothing quite as pleasing as a fresh, clean house, but many of us groan at the thought of having to vacuum, dust, mop and tidy up. There also seems never enough time in our busy lives for these mundane tasks. So the faster...


david roy williams second glance piano
As part of Melbourne's Electronic Music scene in 1983/4, Second Glance burned bright for a few short months before disappearing again. One song emanated from the Mk2 line-up of David Roy Williams and Warwick Marks in 1984 on the Signal To Noise Set –...

A Guide to maintaining a healthy lifestyle during the Covid-19 pandemic

a guide to maintaining a healthy lifestyle during the covid-19 pandemic
COVID-19 has changed our daily routines and our social life. According to HWO, we need to practice prevention measures in our everyday life to stay healthy. It is essential to know about some healthy lifestyle tips so that they can only benefit us and...

How to Choose the Right Solar Panel Installer

how to choose the right solar panel installer
Solar panels and installation can cost you thousands of dollars. If the job is done well, the product can last for years. However, if you choose to have your solar panels installed by a person or company who does a poor job, you may...

The Psychology of Honest Feedback: How to Get New Employees to Share

the psychology of honest feedback: how to get new employees to share
You cannot underestimate the value of employee feedback, especially during the onboarding period. Companies draw significant benefits from employee feedback. Take a look at the stats: HR managers who regularly receive employee feedback, get 8.9% more profitability. Companies who get regular employee feedback, have 15%...

Modern Office Furniture in Sydney

modern office furniture in sydney
With contemporary communications enabling more and more individuals to function from the comfort of their homes, the conventional research rooms or libraries are slowly shifting towards a more inclusive space with minimalistic features. Whether it's a corner office, a research library or a full-fledged...

Women my age tend to drink – it’s normal

women my age tend to drink
Women aged 50–70 are more likely than younger women to consume alcohol at levels that exceed low-risk drinking guidelines – and most think that's just perfectly fine. New Edith Cowan University (ECU) research has found that despite the potential health risks of exceeding national drinking...

Statement from AWU regarding Henty Gold Mine accident – Daniel Walton, National Secretary, Australian Workers’ Union:

statement from awu regarding henty gold mine accident – daniel walton, national secretary, australian workers’ union:
Early this morning the AWU was made aware of a collapse at Henty Gold Mine in Tasmania. All workers barring one were evacuated. Search and rescue is now being undertaken and the AWU is on-site and supporting workers and emergency services in the rescue effort. We...

Tips For Designing A Dream Bedroom

tips for designing a dream bedroom
The bedroom is the most private room in our home. It is not only the room we sleep in, but it is also the room where our body recuperates and recharges, it is the room where we reconnect with our partner and retreat after...