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Solarrio’s Timeless Journey with “Forever”

solarrio's timeless journey with

Solarrio, also known as David Barenboim, emerges as a luminary, blending international influences into a tapestry of sweltering sounds. His latest single, ‘Forever’, released on November 10, is a scintillating journey into nostalgia, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in the warm embrace of bygone eras.

Born to classical musicians, Solarrio’s musical odyssey has traversed diverse terrains, from performing with rock outfits to becoming one of Germany’s most sought-after hip-hop producers. Now, he weaves these varied experiences into a unique blend of eighties-inspired synthpop, R&B, and funk.

The single captures the essence of dreamy melodies and romantic undertones, with a modern twist that sets Solarrio apart in the contemporary music scene.

Solarrio offers a glimpse into his creative process, describing ‘Forever’ as a song that encapsulates nostalgia. It’s that one moment you want to hold onto for a lifetime, a sentiment that feels like a summer breeze on a beach or the enchantment of a high school prom. In Solarrio’s words, “This song sounds and feels like the ‘good old days,’ a timeless melody that transports us to a place where the weight of the present momentarily fades away.

After ‘B the 1’ and ‘NLF’, ‘Forever’ serves as a new prelude to Solarrio’s much-anticipated 2024 album, ‘All The Wrong Places’, scheduled for release in Spring via Playel Records.


Papa Aashi’s Sonic Odyssey: “Boyz II Men” Breaks the Mold

papa aashi's sonic odyssey:

In the ever-evolving landscape of European hip hop, Papa Aashi stands as an artist defying traditions and boundaries with his latest track, ‘boyz II men’. Released on November 24th, this Amsterdam-based artist has once again proven his prowess in crafting a sound that transcends genre norms.

Hailing from Brussels and navigating the cultural crossroads of Kazakhstan and Ireland before finding his artistic haven in Amsterdam, Papa Aashi brings a unique cross-cultural perspective to his music. ‘boyz II men’ shows his ability to blend jazz, blues, indie rock, and trip-hop into a seamless tapestry of hip-hop stylings.

The down-tempo nature of the track doesn’t translate to dullness; instead, it opens the door to an experimental approach to structure. Aashi’s delivery is a distinct brand of bars that refuse to conform to conventions.

As the vocals guide the track’s momentum, Papa Aashi skillfully traverses his genre-bending production style with panache. The production work on ‘boyz II men’ shows Aashi’s signature groovy timbre and melodic magic. The bright funk-dance flair adds a layer of vibrancy, subtly introducing listeners to new sounds while maintaining a sense of familiarity through hooky progressions.

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Unveiling the Power of Healing: Prianca RA’s new track “FLOW3RS”

unveiling the power of healing: prianca ra's
Prianca RA
In the realm of music, some artists serve as emotional architects, crafting sonic landscapes that resonate deeply with the human experience. British-Indian singer/songwriter Prianca RA emerges as one such architect with her latest track, “FLOW3RS”. This poignant musical journey invites listeners into the artist’s world, unraveling a narrative that transcends pain, resilience, and the blossoming of self amidst the shadows of childhood trauma.

“I wore mama’s love kept me warm,” echoes a line from the song, offering a glimpse into Prianca RA’s vulnerable yet courageous exploration of her personal history. The lyrics vividly depict the warmth discovered in a mother’s love, serving as a lifeline during moments of abuse and neglect. “FLOW3RS” becomes a testament to the healing power embedded in the bonds of familial love, a sanctuary amidst the storm of adversity.

The metaphor of snow in the song emerges as a powerful symbol, encapsulating the emotional chill of Prianca RA’s early life. However, the narrative doesn’t dwell solely on the coldness; instead, it intertwines tales of hope and resilience. Prianca RA takes us on a journey through positive influences and supportive figures who played pivotal roles in nurturing her growth. The symbolism of flowers, deeply rooted in Hindu culture, draws parallels between her journey and the transformative power of nature.

Dandelions, a childhood fascination for the artist, bloom as powerful symbols of mindfulness and imagination. The act of blowing on dandelions and making wishes becomes a poignant coping mechanism—a brief escape from emotional turmoil, a moment to envision a brighter future. Through “FLOW3RS”, Prianca RA shares not only her story but also offers a universal message, encouraging listeners to reflect on their own journeys, finding strength in vulnerability and beauty in resilience.

“FLOW3RS” stands as a cathartic experience, a bridge between artist and audience, inviting us all to acknowledge the healing power of music.

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Lilise Shares Empowering Breakup Anthem ‘You Don’t Own Me’

lilise unveils empowering breakup anthem 'you don't own me'

Lilise, the rising star hailing from the UK, has graced the music scene with her latest single, ‘You Don’t Own Me’. This release marks her second offering to the world, following her debut single “Sweeter Than Poison“.

Influenced by musical powerhouses such as Taylor Swift, Sara Kays, and Maisie Peters, Lilise has masterfully created a sound that is undeniably her own. Composing her music on both piano and guitar, she weaves together elements of balladry, folk, pop, and Americana to create a tapestry of musical genres. What truly sets Lilise apart is her exceptional voice – a grade 8 vocal student whose delivery even has drawn comparisons to the likes of Billie Eilish.

‘You Don’t Own Me’ emerges as a poignant breakup anthem, resonating with themes of self-love and triumph over self-doubt. The track’s crisp production and lush instrumentation provide the perfect backdrop for Lilise’s vocals to soar, delivering an angelic performance. The warm, moving bass line, coupled with yearning acoustic and electric guitars and rolling jazz drums, paints an exquisite sonic portrait of Lilise’s vulnerability as she lays bare her soul through heartfelt lyrics.

This release is just a glimpse into the profound storytelling prowess of Lilise, a talented artist who shows no signs of slowing down. As she continues to captivate audiences with her emotive narratives, we eagerly anticipate the release of her debut EP. Keep your ear to the ground for the next chapter in Lilise’s musical journey – it’s bound to be as captivating as the last.

Happy Ausmusic T-Shirt Day 2023!

happy ausmusic t-shirt day!

The big day is finally here! We can’t wait to see you all repping your favourite Aussie music tees at home, at work and across your socials today!

To everyone who’s taken part so far, thank you for your incredible support! We couldn’t do it without you.

If you haven’t yet, please make a donation today so we can continue to support Aussie music workers in need. Every single dollar counts, because in music, every little bit matters.

Donate Now

Over $340,000 has been raised for the campaign so far from over 600 fundraisers and 150 teams from across the industry and beyond.

Currently topping the AAMI fundraising leaderboard are individual fundraisers Stuart Field, Scott Thurling, Briony Johnson, Clive Miller and Matthew Yau. Team CrewCare is in the lead over on the teams board followed by Cold Chisel, Oztix, Alberts and Universal Music Australia.

A number of corporate donors have also given generously to the campaign including AAMI, Amazon Music ANZ, CUB, Frontier Touring, Gildan Brands, Heaps Normal, JB Hi-Fi, Love Police, Mushroom Creative House, Rydges Hotels and Resorts, Sennheiser ANZ, Spotify Australia and New Zealand, Tiktok Australia, Tixel and YouTube Music and Google AU/NZ.

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If you’re looking for something fun to do today, there’s a bunch of activities taking place across the country that you can take part in with your family, friends or colleagues, all featured in this year’s new Gig Guide.

Whatever you’re doing to celebrate today, please share your pics on social media using the hashtag  #ausmusictshirtday and tag @supportact @triple_j @aria_official @heapsnormal @gildanbrandsaustralia @aami_insurance when you post!

In music, every little bit matters, so show your act of support now for music workers in need.

Support Act acknowledges and pays its respects to First Nations peoples and recognises the role of intergenerational song practitioners in establishing the rich and diverse music practices that exist today.


bunjil place ash keating: pressure


25 Nov 2023 – 17 Mar 2024

Internationally renowned Melbourne based contemporary artist Ash Keating’s major new exhibition PRESSURE opens 25 November 2023 at Bunjil Place.

Known globally for using paint-filled fire extinguishers to make spectacular large-scale outdoor paintings, he has over the last decade also cultivated a studio-based practice, working on canvases that allow for greater experimentation within the controlled conditions of an indoor space.

Presented as one work in nine parts, PRESSURE is a sequence of paintings scaled to encompass and invite the viewer into a field of shifting colour and exuberant gesture.

Drawing on the tradition of action painting, that welcomes spontaneity and improvisation, Keating has refined a distinct methodology of intuitive actions and mark making using varying propulsion and gravity-based techniques.

Looking back to the raw energy of his site-specific outdoor paintings of the early 2000s, Keating has approached PRESSURE as a testing ground – a new body of work created as a celebration of experimentation, that draws upon 20 years of practice and the memories deeply held in body and mind.

Over the past two decades, Keating has refined a methodology of improvised actions and gestural mark making using varying propulsion and gravity-based painting techniques. Many of his layered compositions are created through the application of paint and water to surfaces with pressurised fire extinguishers. The effect is not only that of running and dripping paint, but also a replication and acknowledgment of the natural systems at play around us.

The exhibition will be complemented by a cinematic film tracing the mesmerizing details of artist and paint in motion during the making process.

In an Australian first, LIVE PRESSURE will see Ash Keating paint live on stage with Ryan Richie and a 12-piece ensemble on Saturday 10 February 2024. 

Painting, film and music collide in a mesmerizing process of energetic colour and movement. In dialogue with the painting’s transformational process, the sensory experience will be widened through lighting and the dynamic music improvisations of acclaimed composer producer Ryan Ritchie and a 12-piece ensemble.  Keating and Richie have collaborated on numerous projects since 2003, this will be their most ambitious undertaking to date.

bunjil place ash keating: pressure

About the artist

Ash Keating works within an expanded contemporary field, through painting, performance, sculpture, video and intervention. Keating’s large outdoor murals, created with paint-filled fire extinguishers, can be found across Melbourne.

Keating has exhibited extensively in galleries and created numerous large-scale, site-responsive art projects in Australia and internationally since 2004. He has undertaken numerous painting commissions in public spaces, including the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne (2013), the Adelaide Festival Centre (2015), Sydney’s Domain (2018), Museum Langmatt, Baden, Switzerland (2023).

His works are held in numerous public and private collections including the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne; National Gallery of Australia, Canberra; Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney; Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney; Monash University Museum of Art, Melbourne and Artbank, Melbourne and Sydney.

There are a range of public programs to get to know the artist and understand his way of working, these programs follow the media release.

Ash Keating: PRESSURE, 25 November 2023 until 17 March 2024 at Bunjil Place, 2 Patrick Northeast Drive, Narre Warren.  www.bunjilplace.com.au

Caption:  Ash Keating in studio. Photo Credit: Michael Pham.  Installation image, Ash Keating: PRESSURE, 25 November 2023 until 17 March 2024, Bunjil Place, 2 Patrick Northeast Drive, Narre Warren.  Photo credit:  Mathew Stanton

Dance Lessons: 5 Ways Learning Some Moves Can Improve Your Social Life


The art of dance in all its forms has always been a powerful medium for human connection, as it offers a unique way to interact and socialise with others. Along with the many social benefits, dancing also keeps you fit and feeling great both physically and mentally.

This article will be taking a closer look at dance lessons and how learning to dance will enhance your social life, enabling you to make new friends, forge meaningful connections, gain confidence and explore the new world of opportunities that learning to dance provides. So, whether you’re searching for dance clubs in Sydney or anywhere else in the country, you’ll discover just how beneficial dancing can be.

#1 – Dance Class Are a Great Way to Break the Ice

One of the most difficult things in any form of socialising (especially for shy people) is actually breaking the ice with people you don’t know. However, when a group of people come together to indulge in a particular activity such as learning to dance, breaking the ice becomes infinitely easier and far more natural.

As an example, you’ll already have common ground, which will readily lead to discussions around dancing, dance styles, how to improve and so on. Once the ice has been broken with new people, the natural progression is to start chatting about other things aside from dancing. A social dance club provides the perfect vehicle to break new ground with unfamiliar people.

The more lessons you take, the more familiar you’ll become with other members and you’ll make a bunch of cool new friends.

#2 – Dancing is a Form of Non-Verbal Communication

Whether you’re only just beginning or you have quite a few lessons under your belt already, dancing allows individuals to express themselves and communicate through movement and artistic body language. Emotions can be shared without the need for words, creating a very unique connection with your dance partners.

#3 – Build Your Verbal Communication Skills

Many forms of dancing require you to partner with another person to both learn the moves and perform them. Naturally, people will need to communicate and interact as dance lessons are taking place, giving everyone the opportunity to improve their talking skills by verbally communicating with their partners.

When dancing with a partner, there is a degree of trust and cooperation required to perform and perfect the various moves, steps, spins and turns. For novice dancers, regular communication between partners is essential for everyone’s success. As you improve, you’ll get better at anticipating each other’s movements.

#4 – Dance Lessons Give Your Self-Confidence a Boost

One of the most important benefits you can derive from having regular dance lessons is that of boosting your self-confidence. Anytime you learn something new and start to master it, your confidence will be bolstered. It’s the same with learning to dance.

An enhanced level of confidence not only makes you more comfortable with dancing and showing off your moves, but this newfound confidence will find its way into other areas of your life as well; such as improving your communication and socialising skills.

A healthy level of confidence is one of the most valuable assets any person can have and dancing will give you plenty.

#5 – Dancing Opens the Doors to Other Social Opportunities

Aside from regularly getting together with your new friends to improve your dancing, being part of dance lessons in Sydney will ultimately lead to other opportunities to socialise as well. For example, members of the group might arrange get togethers outside of the confines of dance classes, such as meeting up at a local club for a night of fun, drinks, conversation and, of course, showing off everyone’s new dance moves.

As you now have a new group of friends you can meet up with, as a group, you can also arrange other social activities together that don’t even involve dancing.

The Takeaway

Dance lessons provide a fantastic opportunity to socialise, learn a new skill and enhance your social life. You’ll forge new connections and friendships, increase your self-confidence and even improve your fitness on every level. Most of all though, you’ll have a lot of fun learning how to dance and enjoying the social opportunities dancing will present.

The Royal Hotel

Americans Hanna and Liv are best friends backpacking in Australia. After they run out of money, Liv, looking for an adventure, convinces Hanna to take a temporary live-in job behind the bar of a pub called ’The Royal Hotel’ in a remote Outback mining town. Bar owner Billy and a host of locals give the girls a riotous introduction to Down Under drinking culture but soon Hanna and Liv find themselves trapped in an unnerving situation that grows rapidly out of their control.

In cinemas on 23rd November.

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China National Symphony Orchestra

The China National Symphony Orchestra will make their return to Australia this year after an absence of six years. Over 80 musicians make up this world-class orchestra under the baton of CNSO’s conductor Maestro Li Xincao. They will perform one concert only the Arts Centre Melbourne on 2 December. The concert also features violinist Lu Siqing, the first Asian prizewinner of the Paganini Competition.

Prestigious conductor Li Xincao has shown his adaptability to different programs and his correct understanding of different styles of works. He was praised especially for his excellent performance in German and Austrian works and in the new works by the Chinese contemporary composers. Over the years, Li Xincao has spread music to all five continents with worldwide recognition both in the field of symphony and opera. In particular, he has led China National Symphony Orchestra for historic visits around the world, winning enthusiastic responses and high praise from authoritative music critics from all over the world.

Well-recognized as one of the most outstanding Chinese violinists of today, Lu Siqing performs regularly with major national and international orchestras. As the first asian violinist to win the esteemed International Paganini Violin Competition, Lu’s performances have received great acclaim in some of the world’s most prestigious concert halls and in more than forty countries and territories, including the Musikverein in Vienna, Avery Fisher Hall and Alice Tully Hall in New York City, Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, Sydney Opera House, among others.

The China National Symphony Orchestra, founded in 1956, is the most outstanding Chinese orchestra and has been instrumental in promoting and developing the art of symphonic music in China, introducing Chinese audiences to a large repertoire of classical, romantic, modern and contemporary orchestral works by both Western and Asian composers. Serving as a cultural ambassador, CNSO have engaged in intercultural dialogues and promoted friendship between China and the world through music during many international tours.

The CNSO has performed with many top artists including Herbert von Karajan, Seiji Ozawa, Charles Dutoit, Krystof Penderecki, David Oistrakh, Yehudi Menuhin, Isaac Stern, Anne-Sophie Mutter, Martha Argerich, Mischa Maisky, Giuseppe Giacomini, Lang Lang, Wang Yuja and Han-Na Chang.

During the past decades, the CNSO has undertaken international tours to the USA, United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Spain, Mexico, Japan,and many other cities. The London Times praised the orchestra “as a sophisticated musical group with vigorous sounds and excellent technique.” The Washington Post mentioned the Orchestra “is a solid, energetic and meticulously drilled ensemble.”

For the Orchestra’s Australian tour 2023, the CNSO will perform a selection of masterpieces including Overture Dance of The Yao People, The Butterfly Lovers composed by He Zhanhao and Chen Gang and Beethoven Symphony No. 7 in A Major op. 92. Overture Dance of the Yao People is one of the best known and most popular Chinese instrumental compositions of the second half of the 20th century that inspired by the long drum dance. The Butterfly Lovers is one of the most famous Chinese works of orchestral music written for a Western-style orchestra, an adaptation of an ancient legend, the Butterfly Lovers. Beethoven Symphony No. 7 in A Major op. 92 is remarked by Beethoven as one of his best works and the second movement, “Allegretto” is frequently performed separately to this day.

This is a unique opportunity for Australian audiences to experience exquisite music and witness the supreme skill and artistry of the China National Symphony Orchestra.

“A sophisticated musical group with vigorous sounds and excellent technique”. The London Times

“A solid, energetic and meticulously drilled ensemble”. The Washington Post
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Arts Centre | Hamer Hall
26-28 Southgate Ave
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How To Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

how to survive a zombie apocalypse
Can you survive the impending apocalypse?
Experience the drama that will supercharge your senses!
Witness the horror that is the zombie apocalypse in this interactive theatre production right in the heart of town.

The elite team from the School of Survival will be passing through town solely for the purpose to train you in this once in a lifetime opportunity to acquire all the skills you will need in order to survive impending doom.

Learn the ropes of zombie apocalypse survival and force yourself to face the question: “If a horde of zombies was let loose onto the world without warning, would you survive?”

Will you become the night’s sole survivor?

This last night stand against the zombie horde will be hosted in the confines of the City of Perth Library.

Shows (Silver & Bronze Membership)
02/02/2024 7.00pm (AWST) until 02/02/2024 8.30pm (AWST) | Admin Fee $20.00 | ALL TICKETS GONE!
03/02/2024 7.00pm (AWST) until 03/02/2024 8.30pm (AWST) | Admin Fee $20.00 | ALL TICKETS GONE!

City of Perth Library
573 Hay St
Perth, Western Australia


Mondays are better with Drum n Bass