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How to Smell Good as a Man

It isn’t enough to want to avoid smelling bad; a stylish gentleman should always aim to smell good! Fighting off foul odors, whether natural body scents or bad perfume choices, is only the first step in giving off pleasant scents. From the moment you wake up until you retire for the evening, here are seven […]

Watch Rules & Wristwatch Wearing Etiquette

Learning how to wear a watch seems like a simple task. But as any man who tried to wear a sports watch with a tux will testify, that’s not always true. There are watch-wearing etiquettes that go along with every outfit. Maybe not as obvious as buttoning your blazer, but still, many watch rules are […]

What Color Shoes to Wear with a Grey Suit

There’s a confidence that comes with having your shoes sorted with a grey suit. Imagine Harvey Specter thinking of shoe colors to match the grey suit every day. The old-school guys may retreat and rely on one or two options. But here I am talking about shoe colors to style your grey suit in every […]

What is Looksmaxxing

Looksmaxxing is exactly what it sounds like. That is maximizing your looks in a way that you appear and feel your best. There are different looksmaxxing methods, but all of them unite by the overarching detail of looking “your best version” through self-improvement. And looksmaxxing isn’t some crazy concept like Patrick Bateman’s morning skincare routine. […]

How to Wear Chelsea Boots with Jeans

If I have to design the perfect cold-weather outfit, it will be something like wearing Chelsea boots and jeans. It’s a combination favored by everyone from Hollywood heartthrobs to rock ‘n’ roll icons. But even with this duo, you can come sloppy without the due attention. So, here are some fail-safe ways to wear Chelsea […]

How to Wear Derby Shoes with a Suit

Footwear choices with a suit are constantly in flux, and the air these days favors derby shoes. These are big on the classic style, trendy, and the younger siblings of Oxfords. However, gentlemen give a wide berth to the fact that wearing derby shoes with the suit is a challenge. Somewhat true! Until you know […]

How to Wear a Navy Blazer

The classic navy blazer is the most versatile garment you can ever wear. In essence, it creates your sharpest dress pants and button-down looks. But equally capable of pulling together the widest-fit jeans and t-shirts. All you need is some inspiration with just the right amount of confidence. Different Ways to Wear a Navy Blazer […]

Ways to Wear a Grey Suit with Blue Shirt

Among all suit and shirt combinations, wearing a grey suit with a blue shirt occupies a pretty singular place. It’s a simple combination that adheres to all sartorial rules. Even for men who style by feel and not by rules, a grey suit and blue shirt seem on-point. It’s the details that make this combination …

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How to Wear Chelsea Boots with a Suit

It’s unquestionably acceptable to wear Chelsea boots with a suit. Still, confidence to embrace this as a natural pairing remained elusive to many gentlemen. All you need is a tailored suit, the right pair of boots, and some inspiration. You’ll open the world of creative dressed-up looks transitioning from professional elegance to wedding grandeur. Key …

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Ways to Wear a Grey Blazer with Black Pants

When it’s time to step up your style game without going full-on suit, a grey blazer with black pants is your secret weapon. Trust me, it’s like Batman and Robin of your wardrobe – a dynamic duo that’s unbeatable. But let’s not get too wild – even Picasso knew there was an art to the …

Ways to Wear a Grey Blazer with Black Pants Read More »

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