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Top Tips How to Put a Dirt Bike on a Stand or Lift

top tips how to put a dirt bike on a stand or lift
Photo by Claudio Pecci on Unsplash

You don’t have to waste all of your energy in a bid to get your dirt bike on a stand. There are better ways and tools to apply to make your dirt bike stand firmly with less effort and time.

Let’s say you are just getting familiar with riding a dirt bike; it’s paramount for you to own a dirt bike stand. This is a necessary dirt bike tool, ranging from tire changing tools to the stand.  You may like to relate the importance of the stand to the jack of a car. It’s as vital as that.  

There are tons of methods to get your dirt bike on a stand without you or someone else assisting you in lifting it. Here are the quick and straightforward methods to put your dirt bike on a stand; 

Lift Stand

Lift stand can do all the work for you. It’s one of the easiest methods we will cover on this list. You only have to roll your dirt bike in a position on the stand. Then apply the lift contraption of the stand to raise the dirt bike. That’s all!

In case you are like some riders who would go for a typical stand because it is less expensive and has excellent ease of use. Do check the MSR Hi-Jack stand or the motosport Steel lift stand.

Side Panel Lift

This side panel lift is the most popular of all the dirt bike stand used for lifting dirt bikes. It’s an old lift style, so if you don’t mind this traditional method, it’s cool.

This side panel lift makes use of a strong and stationary dirt bike stand, which can enable you to rest your bike on a side by using your strength and hip weight to make it stand. Once you get this done, which will take about 2 seconds of your time, you can leave your dirt bike to stand without any fear. Now you see why this method is the most common even though it’s an old method.

Rear Tyre Lift

Rear tyre lift is another type of stand you can trust to help you secure your dirt bike on the stand. This particular one is relative to the side panel lift. This is because it features a strong and stationary lift. But the way you will get your dirt bike to stand with this is different from the way you will do it with side panel lift. Even though this rear tire lift is one of the most effortless to use, in fact, it’s better than the side panel lift. Yet, it is not as common as the side panel lift.    

Get hold of this rear tyre lift with one of your hands, and at a comfortable position, place it on the back fender. Gently lift and continue to slowly push your dirt bike on the top of the stand. Immediately your dirt bike is in a good position; you can leave it to keep standing. It’s safe!

The downside of this rear tyre lift is that you may need all of your strength when lifting your dirt bike in the stand. This is due to the difficulty you are likely to encounter in avoiding the front wheel to squirrel away when you are lifting. 

Triangle Stand

Triangle stand is totally different in function from all other stands. The triangle stand will eliminate the entire necessity of a stand-in keeping dirt bike in a position. This is just like a ready-to stand for the dirt bike.  

Another good thing about the triangle stand is that its price tag is reasonable, and using it is not hard at all. Neither does it consume time. If you find it difficult to stand your dirt bike with this triangle stand, that means you don’t have enough strength. If this is the case, you can use your hip bone to support your dirt bike to stand in place in a good position.

Nose Wheelie

Nose Wheelie is for you if you are willing to step up your game in standing your dirt bike. This game-changer will give you the privilege to do Wheelies and then ride your dirt bike upon the Nose Wheelie.

It’s not that difficult to do. All you need to do is to set the Nose Wheelie appropriately and target its position while you ride your dirt bike onto the stand. That’s it! 

Rear Wheelie

Using this rear Wheelie method is one of the most powerful and fun-filled methods you can try. This method is pretty amazing than the Nose Wheelie. If you don’t think you can create time to put this method into practice, then you may go with other options.

But if you love challenges and experiments, don’t waste time at getting a Rear Wheelie and commence the fun.  Although Rear Wheelie requires a lot of practice before you can become an expert user, you will love using it to stand your dirt bike more than any other stands.

If you are scared of causing an accident, then you can use the manual method of Rear Wheelie. This can be achieved by rolling the dirt bike to the front while the engine is off. Tighten the front brakes well, so that the rear wheel will lift your dirt bike and then scoot the dirt bike on top of the stand.

With this approach, you will do a lot of synchronizing with your bike’s brakes and the position of the dirt bike stand.

Let’s say you are with your friends and you want to make them see your expertise, or feel like a boss among them; you can try the Rear Wheelie. However, ensure you are already efficient at it or you may get injured or hurt someone.  Don’t ever try rear Wheelie if you are not sure of yourself.


Placing your dirt bike on a stand is not a complex issue if you know what to do. Any of the methods we have discussed above can help you get the job done. If you are after ease, go with the lift stand option. But if you want something fun-filled but more complex, go with either the nose wheelie or rear wheelie. Just remember to be careful while at it.