a guide to maintaining your musical instruments

Are you an aspiring musician? Are you a student in high school who has recently purchased some new musical instruments?

Chances are that you would be worried about maintaining your musical instruments as well in the parallel. The instruments are rather costly and close to a musician’s heart.

Here in this article, we have detailed some easy instructions through which you can easily maintain the wellbeing of your musical instruments. Let us move ahead!

  1. Keep your instrument enclosed in its case when you are not using it. Your case components should be working well, such as the locks, zippers, hinges and handles.
  2. Do not keep anything on the top of your instrument, or inside the case of your instrument.
  3. Do not let extreme temperatures get to your instrument, as they will cause fluctuations to your instrument and will damage it.
  4. Do not leave your instrument unattended anywhere, especially in a car. This is because it can be subject to fluctuations in the weather as well as the humidity levels.
  5. If you have brought your instrument from colder temperatures, let it warm up before playing it.
  6. Wipe your instrument on a regular basis with a clean, non-treated and soft cloth before storing it.
  7. Make sure that dust and fingerprints do not get on your instrument. Clean it regularly for keeping it safe.
  8. If you notice any repair work in your instrument, do not do it by yourself. Instead, take it to a trained instrument repair technician.
  9. For greater safety against theft, get your instrument insured.
  10. Place your instrument carefully in its bag or case and do not force it closed.
  11. Prevent moisture pileup in your instrument by cleaning the corners and inside spaces with a dry and soft cloth.
  12. For strings instruments:
  • Replace the strings every 12 months. Consult with someone experienced before changing.
  • Purchase a polish or cleaner from the store, instead of using commercial or household solvents on your instrument.
  • Be extra careful with your bow.
  1. For wind instruments:
  • Clean mouthpieces in soapy and warm water and dry them before storing.
  • Check our key mechanisms for loose screws and tighten pivot screw if the key feels loose.
  • Oil the keys every once a year with the manufacturer’s key oil.
  • Never lift your instrument by the keys. Lift by the bore.
  1. For brass instruments:
  • Clean the mouthpiece on a regular basis
  • Avoid eating or drinking sugary items before playing your instrument
  • Use a designated mouthpiece puller to remove your mouthpiece if it gets stuck
  • Move the possible parts few times in weeks so that your bare brass don’t stick together
  • Lubricate your tuning slides using a lanolin oil or some similar oil
  • Take your instrument to a licensed professional for hammering out dents

These were just some of the basic guidelines. You can get detailed information and assistance especially if you have a piano from pianoremovalistsperth.com.au.