6 tricks to make your home décor pop

It doesn’t take much to make your home look good, but if you want to make your home décor truly pop, you might need to spice it up a bit. Fortunately, with some creativity and inspiration, you can easily make your home look better than ever before. This way, you’d feel much more comfortable in it, and if you ever decide to sell your house, it would fetch a better price too. With that in mind, here are a few tips that should help you bring your home’s style to the next level. 

Make use of lights

Updating your lighting fixtures is an easy way to change the appearance of any room. You should have no trouble finding interesting fixtures that would match your home, as they all come in many different sizes, shapes, and colors. You can also use them to create a focal point – nothing draws attention better than a chandelier above your dining table. On the other hand, more subtle solutions, like lanterns or string lights, are perfect for creating a romantic or soothing ambiance in your bedroom or outdoor patio. Finally, having enough light would ensure that your decorating effort can actually be seen. 

Decorate with artwork

There aren’t many better ways of making your living space look more unique than by adding some gorgeous artwork to the walls. If you have a lot of free vertical space, you can opt for oversized pieces that could serve as a focal point. On the other hand, if your home is a bit smaller, you can use mirrors and smaller photos to make it look more spacious. Finally, if you prefer something a bit more eye-catching, you can opt for decals instead of photos and turn your entire wall into a work of art. 
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Use unusual furniture pieces

When it comes to making your décor pop, you want to add a few unexpected pieces here and there. Of course, this doesn’t mean your home should look like every time period crashed into one place. It’s all about the balance, so one or two unique pieces should be enough for a single room. For example, an elegant Eames lounge chair would look perfect in your home office, as it can match any style, and it’s very comfortable too.  

Think about your furniture placement

Sometimes, the only thing you need to do in order to upgrade your home’s appearance is rearranging the furniture a bit. Generally, you want to make every room look larger, and the way you arrange your furniture plays an important role in that. For example, people usually look to their left first when scanning the room, so by placing your largest item in the left corner of a room, you’d make the room appear bigger. Also, if your living room comes with a nice view, take advantage of it by arranging your furniture in a way that would allow you to really appreciate what your home has to offer. 


Introduce some greenery

You can never go wrong with plants, as they can make every room brighter and more comfortable. Research has shown that plants can make you feel less stressed out, so adding a few plants in every room is bound to make your home feel more inviting. Even the bathroom can be perfect for plants, as there are many that thrive in humid environments. Plus, adding plants to your bathroom can make it look like a relaxing spa, which would definitely leave a good impression on everybody who enters it. 

Keep it clean and organized

Last but not least, to make sure your décor really pops, you need to keep your home clean and clutter-free. This means that every small item should have its place, so you would have no excuse for leaving anything in the open after you’re done using it. This way, when people come for a visit, there would be nothing distracting them from appreciating your artwork, beautiful lighting fixtures, the view, or comfortable furniture. 

Decorating your home is a fun project, but it can also be challenging if you really want your home to draw attention and leave a good impression every time you have guests over. So, think about the listed tips, apply those that would suit your home, and it’s bound to look timelessly chic.