Move over, Scandinavian minimalism, because the maximalist decor is back! That’s right if you’ve been getting tired of simple and neutral colors and not many decor pieces, it’s good news for you! If you’ve been thinking of adding more things to your living spaces, take a look at these maximalist decor ideas for some inspiration. But, there are also some useful pointers that can help you decorate your place without making it look overstuffed.

rock these maximalist decor trends to lift up your interior style

First of all, maximalist style doesn’t mean cluttered

Let’s get this out of the way, shall we? Maximalist home decor means a lot of different styles, furniture, decoration pieces blending well together, so they’ll create a unique entity that looks elegant. Having a lot of unnecessary things lying around doesn’t mean your home looks maximalist. On the contrary, this means messiness and general lack of care. Granted, sometimes you can leave some stuff everywhere and it will still look great, but before we delve further, it’s important to make this clear. So, for example, if you have a lot of books and you like them everywhere, make sure they’re neatly stacked on the table, floor or a shelf. Same goes for various documents — in case you don’t have a home office, you can still leave documents around, but make sure they’re well-organized so your home won’t look untidy and chaotic.


rock these maximalist decor trends to lift up your interior style

Feel free to be creative

Maximalist home decor has one giant upside to it — it lets you be creative and combine various styles and patterns. So, if you have an idea that seems impossible, chances are that, in this case, you can actually pull it off, if you think it through. Luckily, there are many styles, themes, and ideas you can choose from, so feel free to explore and have fun. Maybe you won’t succeed at first, but that doesn’t mean that you should stop and give up. Also, it’s important to let go off of all the nagging that you usually hear. The truth is, most people prefer clean, classic home design ideas, and they sometimes tend to project that onto others. If your friend, whose home looks like an IKEA catalog, asks you whether you’ll be able to make something work, politely brush her off and prove her wrong. 


rock these maximalist decor trends to lift up your interior style

Let your personality shine through

Remember that maximalist decor isn’t that much about adding different pieces together, but more about finding a way to let your personality reflect on your living space. Don’t be afraid to match different patterns and if there’s a style you’re particularly fond of — just go ahead! Instead of focusing on perfection, just decorate your home to look like something cheerful and unique.

Introduce some uniquely designed coastal cushions to achieve balance and a touch of softness. The mixture of careful artistry and textures will give your space a wonderful tone that will make your home look unique, relaxing and interesting. 

rock these maximalist decor trends to lift up your interior style


Experiment with different colors

Having contrasting colors is one of the main rules of maximalist home design. Keep in mind that there’s no right or wrong, so do anything that looks pleasing to your eye. Feel like painting walls mustard yellow and adding mint green sofas? There’s no reason not to. Maximalism is great if you prefer oriental or Indian style, so if you’ve always wanted to add a giant scarf as wall art, this is a perfect chance to make it happen. As a matter of fact, wall tapestries are an ideal solution for those who love hippie and boho themes. Actually, boho or shabby chic styles are great for maximalist homes as they’re laid back and don’t require much maintenance.

rock these maximalist decor trends to lift up your interior style


A gallery wall is the one to consider

In case you’re looking to decorate an empty wall, then opting for a maximalist gallery is a brilliant idea. What’s even better, you don’t need to hang the exact same pictures, instead, combine various sizes and artwork. Try to combine a genuine work of art with a framed movie poster or a quote you love to live by. Be as eclectic as you like, and if you feel like it’s too much, find one neutral detail that can make everything look unified and well-rounded. In the case of a gallery wall that can be the same type or color of a frame, for example.

To sum up, maximalism is a fantastic way of home decor as it lets you don anything on your terms. Before you decide to do anything, be sure to research all the options and ideas and remember to make it as personal and unique as possible.