why boot camp workouts are so good for you

Don’t we all want to work on our whole bodies and get the best possible results in a short amount of time? I believe we do. These workouts are a great option for people who want to try out whole-body exercises, sweat their souls out, burn a bunch of calories and reap a lot of other benefits in the process. They combine strength and cardio exercises, which are a great challenge for even the fittest people out there. There’s a vast array of them and they differ from gym to gym, so it never gets boring because you can always try something new. In the following paragraphs, you can read about some of the benefits they give you and why you should try them out.

Burn a lot of calories

When you decide to take on the challenge of boot camp workouts, you should be prepared to put your body through hell. Depending on your metabolism, body fat percentage, weight, and the intensity at which you work out, you will burn a certain amount of calories no matter what exercise you’re doing. However, when you incorporate full-body exercises implemented in boot camps, you will burn much more compared to your regular ones. You better get used to sweat, as you’ll be covered in it after all the lunges, jumps, callisthenics and a lot more exercises that make this such a difficult but still rewarding experience.

Little or no equipment

why boot camp workouts are so good for you

A really good aspect of boot camp workouts is that they usually don’t require any equipment. That means that you can do them anywhere, be it outside, surrounded by nature and fresh air, or in your new amazing gym. That’s why you can do them even on your vacation if you want to stay in shape. If you were planning to go to Australia, you should join an enjoyable boot camp in Melbourne and maybe even make some new friends! You can easily find one to your liking wherever you go, as they’re becoming more and more popular due to the amazing results they will help you achieve.

Get a dose of functional training

Functional training is something that everyone should do as a part of their fitness program. It’s really important, as it gives your body a nice workout that will help you perform daily tasks and activities much easier and without any injuries. It mostly consists of compound exercises that target the core muscles of the abdomen and lower back, such as squats, plunges, and push-ups. Boot camp exercises are perfect for that, as let you work out every muscle group, especially the core. These exercises are multi-joint exercises that can help your body function better as a whole and keep you safe, as you’ll learn how to recruit multiple muscle groups when performing a task. If you activate multiple muscles at the same time, it means that you prevent strain injuries that can occur when you activate only one group of muscles.

Build muscle

why boot camp workouts are so good for you

Some people might think that boot camp exercises aren’t a good approach to building muscle, as they incorporate HIIT exercises aimed at people who want to lose weight and increase their overall fitness. However, that’s not completely true. A lot of people believe that if you want to build muscle, you have to lift heavier weights that will push their muscles to the limit, break them down, and let them grow back bigger. The key point is to reach failure or at least exert yourself significantly and you can do that with lighter weights or boot camp exercises. The only difference is that you’ll reach that point faster if you use heavier weights, meaning that it will take you fewer reps to achieve that.

Social activity

Boot camps are a great chance to invite your friends to spend some quality time with you, keep their health in check and motivate them to work out more. Everything’s much easier if you have your friends by your side and it’s fun, too. You can track each other’s progress and push yourselves to your limits together. It’s also a great opportunity to meet some new people who share similar interests and possibly learn some new things.

Boot camp exercises are a great deal for people who want to lose weight and they get even better if you have a good nutritional plan as well. You can get a full-body workout, burn calories, have fun doing it and not spend a lot of money on it. These exercises can be done anywhere, even at your home when you’re too busy to hit the gym. You’ll also learn a lot about fitness, health, and nutrition from your instructors.