13 surprising things you didn’t know about your body

We often forget that the human body is magical and mysterious, and there’s so much we can learn about it.

Every second of the day, your body is up to something that you have no clue about. We tend to get lost on the internet so much these days that we do not even have time to explore the mysteries of our bodies.

So, here are 13 incredible facts you didn’t know about your body.

1. Holding Your Breath Can Help Stop Hiccups

Having hiccups is annoying. They can easily be stopped by drinking water. But, in the case where you’re unable to drink anything, there’s another solution.

Many people don’t know that holding your breath can help to stop hiccups. If you stop exhaling, a decent amount of carbon dioxide builds up inside your body which helps to stop your diaphragm from spasming.

2. An “Old-Person Smell” is Real

It’s proven that your body has a different smell in the different phases of life. Middle-aged-people have a distinctive smell and so do young people, according to recent research.

The research also showed that older people have a less intense and more pleasant scent than those who are middle-aged.

3. You’re Taller in the Morning

Would you believe that you are different heights at different times of the day? It is scientifically proven that you are about 1 cm shorter when you go to bed at night.

This happens because the cartilage in your bones compresses during the day. So, if you want to reach for something high, you should do it before breakfast.

4. Your Teeth Shift With Age, Even if You Had Braces as a Teen

Everyone in this world has a different smile. Every smile is different too. The reason behind this is that the bone behind the gum decreases as you get older. This can cause your teeth to shift as you age.

5. Your Eyes Automatically Close While Sneezing

Sneezing is a very common phenomenon. But the interesting part about sneezing is that no matter how hard you try, you will always close your eyes while you do it. It is impossible to keep your eyes open and sneeze at the same time.

6. The Size of Your Brain is Huge

We have a lot of wrinkly organs inside our body. But your brain is so wrinkly that if you spread it out flat, it would be about the size of a pillowcase.

Here is an interesting fact: the size of your brain is 90 per cent developed by the time you’re six years old.

7. The Mystery Behind Different Eye Colors

There is a condition called Eye Color Heterochromia. During this condition, people develop different coloured eyes. It’s a rare sight to find in humans, but it’s very common in dogs. You will see the difference mainly in Huskies.

8. Yawning Does Not Wake Us Up, Instead, it Cools Us Down

For a long time, the reason behind yawning was a mystery to scientists. But recent studies show that the common theory that yawning raises the oxygen levels in the bloodstream as a way to wake up is a myth.

Instead, it promotes the temperature regulation of our brains. When we yawn, we stretch our mouths wide which enhances the rate of blood flow to the skull. Meanwhile the cool air we inhale shifts the temperature of that blood flow and cools it down inside the brain.

The reason we yawn when we feel sleepy is that our body is warmest while falling asleep. The temperature starts to fall after we fall asleep and yawning speeds up the process.

9. Your Mind is Not Playing Tricks on You When You See Stars

You know when you rub your eyes or sneeze, you often see some bright flashes and squiggly lines? Those are not fragments of your imagination.

Lights actually spark inside your eyeballs. Each and every cell inside the human body gives off light. This process is called biophotons and while they remain present inside the eye at all times, it’s usually ignored by the brain.

But when you add pressure to your eyes, more biophotons are created and your brain finally processes it. These flashes are known as phosphenes.

10. Your Senses Hate Room Temperature Coffee

Flavours are affected by temperature. Our taste bud receptors are not as sensitive when we stay inside at room temperature. So, even though the coffee you’re drinking is hot enough, you’ll not find your cup of coffee as delicious.

The same coffee will taste amazing anywhere where the temperature is above the normal room temperature. So, keep this scientific fact in your mind next time you’re drinking coffee. You definitely want the best aroma as well as the best taste!

11. Women Handle the Cold Worse Than Men

When exposed to identical freezing temperatures, the blood vessels in a woman’s fingers constrict more than a man’s.

If you’re a woman, it’s not your imagination, your period does get worse in cold weather. In fact, the pain can feel exacerbated in winter.  Men have a higher percentage of body fat inside them so they tend to handle cold a lot better than women do.

12. Blushing is caused by an Adrenaline Rush

Your cheeks can turn red due to the cold or an infection. But these are not the only reasons for blushing. It’s actually caused by an adrenaline rush inside your body. Being embarrassed, stressed, flustered or experiencing any other emotion may lead you to blush.

While you get triggered by your emotions, adrenaline is released into your body. This increases the motion of your heart rate and dilates your blood vessels to improve the blood flow.

The dilation of your facial veins creates a rosy red glow on your face. In a fight-or-flight response, the blood flow may take a trip to the heart and muscles, making them work in the cheeks.

Some Dutch scientists suggest that people who admit their guilt while blushing are more likely to be forgiven. It’s also proven that people who blush are considered to be more likable and trustworthy.

13. It is Not Your Sweat, it is Your Skin’s Bacteria

For decades now we have been blaming our sweat for the bad odour. But it has been scientifically proven that sweat itself doesn’t actually smell bad.

It is actually our skin’s bacteria that causes our body to smell bad when we exercise. When the bacteria starts to feed on a person’s sweat, a stinky body odour gets created. These waste products can smell awful!

Final Thoughts

These aren’t the only interesting facts about the human body and there are so many it’ll take countless pages to simply list them. But we hope you had fun discovering these little things and learned from it.

Don’t stop here, if you observe a little, you’ll find a lot more interesting things about your body.

Happy discovering!


Photo by Robina Weermeijer