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Listen To Older Voices: Simon Rashleigh – Part 4



Welcome to Listen To Older Voices, a program produced by Rob Greaves and podcast through the Toorak Times and Tagg

listen to older voices: simon rashleigh – part 4
Simon in his happy place: 2018 – [CLICK to enlarge]


Welcome to the fourth and final program featuring the Life and Times of Simon Rashleigh.



Over the previous three programs Simon has not only presented his credentials as an artist and vocalist with a variety of bands, but also his work in the music industry selling records, being a buyer for stores and then onto a range of senior positions with both Festival Records and Sony Music. He has also developed a proven track record as both a TV and film producer.

listen to older voices: simon rashleigh – part 4
Molly Meldrum with Simon – [CLICK to enlarge]


Simon is a creative man who needs to have ongoing projects and in this part of his story, he tells of how he was employed in Community Radio Yet his work in the music industry wasn’t over and he became the Store manager for the famous Manny’s Music Store but yet again, circumstances worked against him and he left on excellent terms and found himself working for Yamaha.

listen to older voices: simon rashleigh – part 4
Simon turning 60. – [Click to enlarge]


He also found time to eventually go to university and successfully complete a Masters degree in Marketing, finally fulfilling that life-long desire to return to higher education but, suddenly his life falls apart and he finds himself out of work and living with his possessions in a storage locker.

But Simon has throughout his life, found ways of turning matters around and turning disaster into opportunity. In fact he then creates what may very well be a lasting legacy. He develops the music industry equivalent of Wikipedia.

His project is called Music Industrapedia and is a massive project spanning all music genres and all continents.

listen to older voices: simon rashleigh – part 4
[CLICK to enlarge]
listen to older voices: simon rashleigh – part 4
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It is very much an on-going project and shows, that Simon is one of many Baby Boomers for whom, age is simply no barrier to continuing to be productive and creative.


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