Listen To Older Voices: Charles Parkinson – Part 2

listen to older voices: charles parkinson – part 2

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listen to older voices: charles parkinson – part 2
Charles just prior to losing his sight – [CLICK to enlarge]





This is the second, and final, part of the Life and Times of Charles Parkinson.



In part 1 we learned a lot about Charles’ early years, of being bought up in Preston and having decided to become a teacher, he attends Coburg Teachers College, where his first posting was to the very remote rural school in Benayeo, in the Wimmera.

In this program Chas shares how he eventually stopped accepting short-term postings to eventually settle down and of developing more lasting relationships. He talks about being appointed as a school principal and how he pushed his teachers to get the best out of them. In telling this story he also shares his thoughts on teaching methods and the importance of developing good relationships with the pupils.

listen to older voices: charles parkinson – part 2
A recent picture of Charles


His story also covers some of his travel experiences and that includes how he came to travel to Greece as a guest of the Greek government. Chas also openly shares the story of how in recent years, he totally lost his sight, but, before you feel sorry for him he reminds us that he was extremely lucky to have been born in the luckiest era of the lucky country.

The program picks up with Chas talking about the time of his life when he stopped taking on short-term teaching roles and settled down to  a more consistent life.

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