Sales Strategy – 5 Marketing Tips That Are Proven To Boost Sales

sales strategy 5 marketing tips that are proven to boost sales
Photo: Corinne Kutz/Unsplash

Focusing on work can be extremely difficult when you’re not getting the number of leads you want for your business. Rather than feeling defeated, give yourself a break and acknowledge that no business performs perfectly all the time. Once you’ve done that, it’s time to get proactive. Look at your marketing strategy, and make some changes there that can boost sales. Here are five tips to consider to get your sales back on track:  

1. Corporate Gifting

Much more exciting and personal than an email, personalised corporate gifts can be a great way to maintain strong connections with employees, clients, and customers. Offering a present shows the recipient that you value them, and the gesture will not go unnoticed. 

It may not be as direct in getting you results, but corporate gifting can help with strengthening your business ties and client retention over the long term. In an economic climate like today where unprecedented changes seem to be a regularity, retention and loyalty are very important. 

2. Consistent Social Media Marketing

You don’t need to be a social media fiend posting every hour, but you do need to keep your social media marketing strategy consistent. Otherwise, you may as well use your time to focus on other marketing strategies. 

By posting social media updates daily, or every other day, you can keep up with your competition by engaging with your clientele and potentially attracting new leads. This is a great way to make any new offers or special deals known to new audiences, especially if you are operating during pandemic restrictions. 

3. Personalisation and More Personalisation

In a US market research study where over 1,000 consumers were interviewed, a whopping 80% of respondents indicated they’d be more likely to do business with a company if it offers personalised experiences, and 90% stated they found personalisation appealing. 

Take advantage of this knowledge by considering the ways you can further personalise your customer journey. Maximising customer data for personalised email marketing is a start. From there, you can use data to give yourself an idea of the different ‘personas’ your customers have and tailor your website landing pages and content accordingly.  

4. Acknowledge Your Customer’s Holidays

Recognising and celebrating the different holidays and events that are important to your customers is a nice thing every person should do. From a business marketing standpoint, this thoughtful act can be beneficial in two ways. 

First, it adds to your reputation in a similar way that corporate gift-giving does – by showing your clientele that you are on the ball with thinking about them, valuing them, and listening to their voices. Second, it opens up more opportunities for you to host promotional offers and tailored services to boost sales during festive periods. Who doesn’t love a holiday bargain or the chance to win a gorgeous gift hamper from a brand that values them? 

5. Exclusive Sales and Offers

If you’ve got stock you want to move and no special holidays coming up, you don’t need to sit idle and wait. Instead, host your own promotional period as an exclusive event for your customers! 

Make sure to keep the period short, advertise it online, and be very clear about the conditions if there are any. When executed well, promotions will not only boost sales in a given period but can also help you achieve more online reviews and new customers through the hype. 

Now you know how simple some of these sales-boosting tips can be, it’s time to get working on the next evolution of your marketing strategy.