how to elevate your look at the office christmas party

Ah, office Christmas parties! It is the end of the year, and this office party is probably the only place you actually want to meet with your coworkers in your free time. Seeing your colleagues and not feeling the pressure to work really is a unique feeling. But Christmas office parties come with the pressure of dressing nicely and being fashionable, especially if the parties are somewhat formal. Do not worry, if you do not know what to wear at the office Christmas party, we are here for you. Take a look at some of the things that you can think about and implement in not only your Christmas attire but your regular wardrobe as well:

Choose sparkles and white

how to elevate your look at the office christmas party

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The best theme for a Christmas party is probably White Christmas. It will not only show your festive mood but your style as well. So, what you want to do is pick an outfit that is white in its essence but has moments that sparkle. How can you achieve this? By adding different accessories to the mixture. For example, choosing a nice, white dress and making it more interesting with sparkly shoes, a sparkly bag or even a sparkly belt will do the trick. Of course, you can go with necklaces, bracelets and rings as well, but make sure they all match each other.


Red velvet

how to elevate your look at the office christmas party

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The most dominant colors of Christmas are obviously red and green, so why not try to make your outfit both sexy and Christmassy? Opting for a red velvet dress might be an amazing idea as it is definitely a staple look that everyone will like. A red velvet dress is amazing as it is, but you can certainly make this look even more interesting by carefully selecting several accessories that you will add to the mix. For example, the best idea would be to go with an elegant and simple watch as these are always the best option when you are wearing something worth remembering and noticing. If you choose a signature piece of jewelry, chances are that people will not think you overdid it with everything. So, put on a red velvet dress and keep the accessories basic.


Black for Christmas

how to elevate your look at the office christmas party

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It is very interesting how not many people dress up in black for Christmas. Yes, black is not really a festive color, but it is definitely one that will make you look simply amazing. Choosing to rock a black dress is always a yes, but you can also do it with a nice black suit or nice pants and a blouse. There are plenty of different pieces that you can buy and combine – the choices are endless, so make sure you choose something that will complement your figure.


Golden time

how to elevate your look at the office christmas party

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Nothing screams “celebration” more than golden clothes, no matter the sex. Yes, sure, white, green and red might be the most dominant Christmas colors, but you cannot spell “party” without “gold clothes” right? However, bear in mind that the best way to rock a golden outfit is to combine it with either black or white (even though the latter is not the best option). Putting on a black top and pairing it with a nice and long golden skirt will definitely make you the most fashionable person in the room. It expresses festivity, your playfulness and your sexuality.


A mini dress


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The fact that is winter should not stop you from being extremely sexy and wearing a mini dress is definitely what is going to help you achieve that sexiness that you want. Speaking of mini dresses, the choices are endless – they come in so many different colors, patterns and styles that you can create an amazing look regardless of the type that you choose. The only thing that you have to worry about when it comes to mini dresses is that you choose one that will accentuate your figure. If you find one that is not made for your body type, you risk looking rather ridiculous and having all the wrong body parts accentuated. So, think twice, take a couple of photos and ask your honest friends about their opinion.


Who’s to say that you cannot be the most fashionable person at your office Christmas party? Try to incorporate some of these tips and you will see all the jaws dropping!