Listen To Older Voices: Lindsay Field – Part 1

listen to older voices: lindsay field – part 1

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listen to older voices: lindsay field – part 1
Lindsay Field – [CLICK to enlarge]




This is part 1 of a 3-part Golden Moments repeat program featuring the Life & Times of Baby Boomer and well known Melbourne musician, Lindsay Field.

Born in 1950 in New Zealand, Lindsay carefully and methodically unpacks his life from his earliest memories and does so in a most engaging manner. We learn about his father and mother and it’s his father in particular that has an interesting story in his own right, as Lindsay discusses He was a senior officer in the NZ Air force but far from being an authoritarian figure he was most supportive and encouraging of the young Lindsay.

There are many stories shared, including those about Lindsay’s school life, which includes a story about a teacher who on hearing about a major earthquake in Chile, made the kids draw a picture of a tsunami crashing over their homes. The exercise scared all the kids and left a lasting impression on Lindsay.

Engaging, informing and entertaining, Lindsay takes us all with him on a walk through his early years and sets the scene for the remainder of his amazing story that includes meeting and working with some very famous people –

listen to older voices: lindsay field – part 1
Lindsay with Sir George Martin – [CLICK to enlarge]


… and sharing his talents with both audiences and up and coming talent. Stories to be told over the following two-parts of his story.

listen to older voices: lindsay field – part 1

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