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Listen To Older Voices – Christine Easdown – Part 3



Welcome to Listen To Older Voices, a program produced by Rob Greaves and podcast through the Toorak Times and Tagg

listen to older voices – christine easdown – part 3
A recent picture of Chris in Japan – [CLICK to enlarge]






Welcome the third and final part of the story of Baby Boomer Christine Easdown.


Born in 1955, Christine‘s family was not a well off family, but they never went without and she learned through them, about community service which was a lesson that would shape her future life.

Having commenced work as a teacher, she eventually abandons that career to take up work in India.

In this program Christine expands on the volunteer work she carried out in India, largely of visiting oversees travellers who found themselves in gaol. This work came about due to having to develop her own role at the crisis centre she worked in, work that she tackled with enthusiasm and effectiveness.

listen to older voices – christine easdown – part 3
Some of the “travellers in need’ that Chris worked with – [CLICK to enlarge]


Other work she undertook was in a local hospital where she undertook a wide range of non-medical duties.

listen to older voices – christine easdown – part 3
Chris with her little friend, Surnam. – [CLICK to enlarge]


Eventually the work took its toll and she returns to Australia, exhausted. Here she undertakes and completes a Diploma in Welfare Work but she quickly realises that this is not where her future lays, and so undertakes and completes a Shiatsu qualification before undertaking and completing a Bachelor of Health Sciences (Chinese Medicine).

These qualifications, along with her innate desire to heal and help, have really set her up for the rest of her life. Yet there is more to this woman who was still travelling prior to the COVID outbreak, and Chris shares with us, her thoughts and feelings on now moving into the “older person” age group.

listen to older voices – christine easdown – part 3
Chris at the Oirase gorge in japan – [CLICK to enlarge]


However one thing is for certain, she still has much to do and much to give.


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