Welcome to Listen To Older Voices, a program produced by Rob Greaves for Wesley Mission Victoria and podcast through the Toorak Times.

Listen To Older Voices presents the stories, views and opinions of our older citizens. It is predominantly in a life & times format, with interviewees reflecting upon their lives from earliest memories. An underlying principal of the program is to promote the concept of positive ageing, reinforcing the principle that older people have & continue to make a valuable contribution to both their local & wider community.

In Part 2 of the story of John (Jim) Walker, we follow his story from him working as an industrial electrician to starting his own very successful company. We learn how he comes to meet Jeanette, who eventually becomes his wife.

Jim continues to engage us and there are some excellent stories to listen to. One such story involves how Jim came to get his driver’s license as a result of having driven the local cop around in his own car, before the cop discovered Jim had never obtained a license. Great stories are the hallmark of Jim’s program for they are great in both substance and in the way he tells them.

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[Listen To Older Voices receives funding from the Commonwealth Government through the Commonwealth Home Support Program Program]

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