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Theresa is the pop star who has reinvented herself completely. The 43 year-wold wonder woman has started to make a real dent in the pop world, on the way to reaching a million streams on Spotify alone, as well as many views on YouTube. Her refreshing brand of pop music speaks to the masses, and her new single Safe and Sound is no different.

Moulding a classic sound with a modernised production, she hits all those sweet spots and notes that all us pop lovers crave. We sat down with Theresa to learn more about what makes her tick, and much more for TAGG! Check it out below.

Hey Theresa, how’s it going? Sum up your music for us in three words!

Hello from New York! Things are going pretty good despite it being a miserable Monday morning here in the big apple. 

Okay, three words to sum up my music…Authentic Timeless Pop 

You’ve had quite a journey so far! What inspires you now more than ever to write?

Oh yes, I definitely have been going through quite an evolution. I honestly can’t put a finger on one particular reason I’m drawn to writing and making music. I have this drive within me that keeps challenging me to grow and become stronger as an artist and a woman. Although I am definitely a badass, I am also a sensitive soul who tries her best to be in touch with her feelings. I don’t like holding in so I find myself writing and concepting future ideas often to help me process what I am feeling. 

Why do you make music?

Ever since I was a young girl I wanted to make music. I’d spend hours in my pre-teen days working on lyrics or writing out my future biography of my super successful popstar career. I just love a good song – I love walking through life with a soundtrack in my head…and how cool that my soundtrack includes music that I personally wrote inspired my personal experiences, right?! 

Tell us all about your new single ‘Safe and Sound’! What is this one about? We love it! What was the recording and writing process like for this one?

I worked with my good friends Mike MacAllister (Allister X) and Julie Hardy (LoveLolaLove) in their old studio down in Gowanas (Brooklyn NY). I had this idea that I originally called “Found Safe” that I started writing when I first re-discovered my creative spark but I wanted to expand on the idea and infuse a lot of the experiences I endured over the last few years. One of my favorite things about working with Mike and Julie is that they are so welcoming and really help me elevate my ideas. Julie is one of the most talented songwriters and vocalists I know and she really has an amazing knack for capturing a feeling or emotion in a simple and melodic way. Everytime I work with her I feel like I come out of the session as a more aware writer and artist. 

The song itself is all about breaking free from my comfort zone and taking risks to achieve my goals. Following my dreams has NOT been easy…but I will not be held back! As the lyrics say, “Take a leap of faith, gonna be the change – I don’t want to be Safe and Sound”. 

Is there an album in the works after all your amazing singles?

I see an album in my future but want to be able to work on that when I can really commit to making one complete body of work that reflects who I am at that time. With my life at the moment, making singles just makes the most sense in order to share music often while I continue to grow as an artist.

And finally, what does the rest of 2023 look like for Theresa? 

2023 has started off strong and I have no plans of slowing down. I’ve got a couple of new singles I am planning to release as well as hope to play a few more live shows here in NYC. I have a very good feeling that something big is about to happen for me…so while the unexpected remains yet to be seen, I am enjoying my amazing life and will be continuing to follow my dreams on my own terms.

Stream ‘Safe and Sound’ here:

Tom L.

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