Wednesday, February 28, 2024
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CHAiLD delves into self-acceptance in new EP “Urgent Care”

The rising electro-pop artist all the way from Luxembourg CHAiLD just dropped a new EP titled “Urgent Care”. The EP is an emotional and vulnerable exploration of the artist’s journey towards self-acceptance and healing. CHAiLD’s unique style of pop music is influenced by his Italian roots and he has become a generational voice for the queer youth in need of self-expression. The EP’s title track “Urgent Care” sums up the themes explored in the album, with CHAiLD opening up about his struggles and acknowledging his need for help. Through his music, CHAiLD encourages listeners to embrace vulnerability and seek help when needed. The EP release will be followed by live shows across Luxembourg, Estonia, and Belgium, among others. Overall, CHAiLD’s “Urgent Care” is a powerful and emotional journey that will resonate with many.

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