enjoy being home while social distancing

In response to the accelerating Coronavirus pandemic, countries from all around have prohibited all nonessential activities. One of the fundamental measures they practice is social distancing.

If self-isolation is hard for you, remember that you are not the only one. Humans are social beings. We are used to being loved; to be close; to hold hands; to talk in-person; to hug someone; to work in groups; not to be in a state of constant fear.

Fortunately, there are many tactics you could use to control boredom, anxiety, and loneliness during the Coronavirus lockdown. 

Read a Book

One of the first decisions I made during my quarantine time was to read that book that has been collecting dust on my shelf for quite some time now. Find a book that relaxes you and helps you escape these troubling times for a few hours. 

You could even start an online book club. Just because we cannot meet up in person, we can still chat with friends over Skype about the books we are currently reading.

Start a Complex Lego or Puzzle Project 

enjoy being home while social distancing

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It is extremely satisfying to put puzzle pieces or Lego bricks together and see your project grow over time. Ambitious projects will keep your mind busy and trigger a sense of accomplishment. 

Lego has even launched the amazing #LetsBuildTogether project to encourage kids and their parents to stay indoors. This is a great way to keep your family creative, innovative, and connected while social distancing.

Work Out Regularly

Staying home and spending far too much time sitting may harm your fitness. Moreover, it is far from being just a physical thing. With all the uncertainty and fear in the world, the lack of physical activity may impact your mental health and increase your stress and anxiety levels, as well. 

To stay fit and sane, you should work out regularly

Stretching in the morning will benefit both your mind and body.

Walk your dog. Play with your cat. Spending more time with pets might become your great workout routine and a major stress reliever. Don’t need to mention that your pet will enjoy it, too.

It’s a perfect time to finally try out that yoga app you installed a few months ago. 

Take breaks while working. Get up. Stretch. Go walk indoors. If you have stairs or a balcony, good for you. 

Learn Something New

enjoy being home while social distancing

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For years, you have been complaining that you don’t have enough time to work on self-advancement? The good thing is that you can use social distancing to learn whatever you want. The options are endless.

If you want to complete a diploma in website design or InfoSec, take ICT courses online.

Learn a new language with apps like Duolingo.

If you are passionate about drawing, find an online class on doodling.

Want to make a sweater for your mom? Pick up your needles and find a knitting course for beginners. Knitting can be very therapeutic and relaxing, especially now when you are stuck at home.

Thinking about starting a blog and turning your creativity into a well-paid job? There are many blogging courses to take. Ahrefs’ Tim Soulo even unlocked his $799 blogging course and you can now take it for free.

Explore Arts

Ironically, the most popular artworks are now closer to you than ever. Many popular museums and art galleries from all around the world, including The Louvre, The Van Gogh Museum and The British Museum, now offer free virtual tours you can take right from your couch. 

Via 360-degree videos, walk-around tours with voiceover descriptions, or slideshows, you can now see and experience some of the world’s greatest artworks. 

Throw a Dance Party

So, you are counting days before you could go out and dance again. I get you. But, who says you cannot have fun while trapped indoors? Blast out your favourite song, use a hairbrush microphone, and get dancing in your bedroom. You could even use social platforms or video chat apps to have a remote dance party with friends. This practice may serve as a straight dopamine shot during these stressful times.

Watch Stuff Online

enjoy being home while social distancing

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Now is an ideal time to get caught up on your favourite TV shows and movies. While you have been probably binging on Netflix, remember that there are also many indie movies that will help you broaden your horizons and change the way you observe the world around you.


Self-isolation is an unnatural state for most of us, but it is the only way to stay safe. To save your physical health and saneness, you need to find a way to enjoy being home. 

Honestly, I don’t like the “social distancing” term. I prefer “physical distancing.” While we cannot go out together, we can still socialize online. 

Above all, you can finally take time to do the stuff you’ve always wanted and practice self-love. 

And, when this is all over, we will probably learn to appreciate more the people around us and enjoy more in seemingly trivial practices that make us happy every day.


Stay safe and be good to yourself!