Heating Things Up: Goldenbloom’s Latest Release Sparks Fire in the Post-Punk Scene


goldenbloom isn’t just turning up the heat with their latest single, “HEating” – they’re setting the entire music scene ablaze. This post-punk powerhouse, comprised of Jordan Walker’s haunting vocals, Will Young’s electrifying guitar riffs, Johnny Brock’s driving bass fuzz, and Justas Pugaciauskas’s relentless drums, delivers a raw and unapologetic anthem that dives deep into the struggles of the cost of living crisis.

Recorded at Brighton Electric over two intense days, “HEating” is a sonic explosion masterfully engineered by Tigercub’s lead singer, Jamie Stephen Hall, and Grammy-nominated engineer Robin Schmidt. The result? A track that hits you like a punch to the gut, demanding your attention from the first chord to the last.

With its gritty lyrics and high-octane energy, “HEating” captures the anger and frustration of households grappling with impossible choices. Jordan Walker sums it up best, stating, “The song is a reflection of the harsh reality faced by many households today. It’s about the daunting choices people are forced to make between heating their homes or putting food on the table, as utility prices continue to rise.”

But “HEating” isn’t just about shining a light on the darkness – it’s about igniting a fire within listeners. So crank up the volume, let Goldenbloom’s fiery passion wash over you, and get ready to feel the burn. With “HEating”, goldenbloom isn’t just heating things up – they’re scorching the competition and leaving their mark on the music world.

Photo credit: Agne Makute

Tom L.

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