NOCT’s Latest Track ‘Everything is Ripe’ is A Musical Journey of Renewal and Reflection

noct's latest track 'everything is ripe' is a musical journey of renewal and reflection

Photo credit: Ellie Cooper

Get ready to groove to the beats of renewal and reflection as NOCT, the brainchild of the talented 23-year-old music producer Noor Harajli, drops her latest track, “Everything is Ripe”. With roots stretching from Brazil and Lebanon to the vibrant streets of London, NOCT’s eclectic fusion of 2000s alternative-indie vibes and bossa nova rhythms is taking the music scene by storm.

Fresh off the heels of her debut album ‘Keep an Eye Out’ in 2021 and hit releases like ‘There is a Peak’ in 2022 and ‘listen very closely’ in 2023, NOCT is back with a bang, promising a deeper dive into her distinctive musical universe with “Everything is Ripe”.

So, what’s the scoop behind this groovy new track? Picture this: you’re cruising through life, caught in the throes of apathy, and feeling like you’re stuck in an endless loop. Sound familiar? Well, NOCT gets it. “Everything is Ripe” is all about navigating those moments when life feels like one big, ripe fruit ready to burst at the seams. From the pressure to make the most of your youth to the overwhelming sense of decay lurking around every corner, NOCT’s lyrics hit close to home for many of us.

“I believe songwriting should always remain a personal experience– I find myself experiencing the song with more emotion when I think back to how my notebook felt in my hands, and how the pen felt when I’d write down all these goals that I’d dream of accomplishing. Once I realized I wrote a song about the decay I see and experience in my life, it felt like some sort of self-therapy process – acknowledging my own ripeness let me throw out the fruit and harvest new ones,” shares NOCT.

So, what are you waiting for? Dive into the ripe, juicy world of NOCT’s latest track and let the music wash over you like a refreshing wave of renewal and reflection. Stream “Everything is Ripe” now and get ready to groove your way to a brighter tomorrow!

Tom L.

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