Logan Garrett returns with tech house anthem “Deep End” (feat. Skizzy Mars)

logan garrett returns with tech house anthem "deep end" (feat. skizzy mars)

Nashville-based DJ and producer Logan Garrett dives into uncharted waters with his latest single, “Deep End,” featuring the mesmerizing vocals of Skizzy Mars. Known for his roots in hip hop and his collaborative work with prolific rapper Starlito and the Grind Hard imprint, Garrett takes a bold step into the realm of electronic music fused with hip hop influences.

“Deep End” emerges as a pulsating tech-house anthem, tailor-made for late-night escapades on the dance floor. Garrett’s signature sound shines through as he masterfully blends infectious beats with hypnotic melodies, setting the stage for Skizzy Mars to deliver his trademark lyrical prowess.

Skizzy Mars’ commanding vocals add an extra layer of intrigue to “Deep End,” elevating the track to new heights of sonic exploration. Despite the demands of a nationwide headlining tour and the rollout of his new album, Mars effortlessly aligns with Garrett’s vision, breathing life into the song with his raw authenticity and lyrical finesse.

As Garrett continues to navigate the intersection of electronic music and hip hop, “Deep End” serves as a tantalising glimpse into the boundless possibilities that lie ahead. With its infectious beats and captivating melodies, this collaboration between Logan Garrett and Skizzy Mars is destined to leave listeners craving more. Check it out now,

Stream “Deep End” here:

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