Jean-Baptiste Souillard Roussanne  2021 – Rhône Valley – $70.00

jean-baptiste souillard roussanne  2021 - rhône valley - $70.00
I would like to point out that Roussanne from the Rhône Valley was my first love affair with this grape variety.
This is mostly because Australian Roussanne didn’t really pop up on our shelves until the 1980’s that’s 43 years ago, although it has been in the Yarra Valley since 1880’s.
And when it did, Yeringberg vineyard in the Yarra Valley was amongst the pioneers for Roussanne and has had 43 years to perfect the blend of Marsanne and Roussanne making a stunning white wine.
Enough of the Yarra Valley – Now to the wine at hand; Jean-Baptiste Souillard Roussanne 2021
In the glass, it glows with a rich gold straw colour that flows with the scent of a summer garden filled with white flowers and stone fruit.
On the palate the stone fruit is ripe and just hinting at sweet and smooth almost creamy in texture with a fine line of acid running down the middle.
I love this grape variety, I believe there is no politics in wine. If you like it you drink it.
No matter who made it or where it comes from!

I enjoyed this wine with roast lemon chicken and all the trimmings in a light pan-made gravy.

the new way we drink in 2022Michael Lillis

The rot has set in.

Wine fact: (or close enough)
In the 1880s, Hubert de Castella, one of the Yarra Valley’s highest-profile vignerons, was so impressed with Roussanne he singled it out as the best white grape in the vineyard.

Michael Lillis

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