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Chloe DeMore stuns with pop country gem ‘Side Effects’






Born and raised in Orange County, CA, Chloe DeMore is a multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter with a penchant for writing infectious tunes and relatable narratives. Inspired by how music can convey intricate emotions where words fail, Chloe uses her music as her personal diary through which she relates to the world and provides an outlet for mental health, with the intent of reaching like minded people.

After time spent writing and honing her craft, Chloe DeMore releases her stunning debut single ‘Side Effects’. A vulnerable and relatable track, Chloe’s first release is a beautifully crafted slow burner of a pop song. Written about a toxic relationship that impacted her heavily, Chloe channels this energy into a brooding brand of pop, with country sensibilities intertwined, while showcasing her ability as a songwriter.

The song starts in a piano ballad, with Chloe’s spellbinding vocals and melodies residing on top. The track and production then builds into a full band sound, all perfectly and crisply sitting alongside DeMore’s captivating voice. She demonstrates a commanding and confident presence, especially for a debut release, while delivering crisp lyrics that evoke deep emotions from her audience.

She shares “I am so excited to share a vulnerable piece of myself with the world and I hope this song can help others through challenging life experiences the way it did for me. I hope the message makes the listeners feel like they are not alone and I hope to build a community of supportive people who relate to my art.

‘Side Effects’ is a bold and personality filled debut from Chloe DeMore, full of memorable lyricism and hook-ridden melodies. It’s a modernised yet commercially appealing single that demands your attention as Chloe DeMore truly announces herself to the world with a song that every listener can relate to and find meaning within.

Tom L.

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