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Jamie was Australian entertainment's most successful child entertainer. Currently, he remains one of Australia's finest entertainers – and is also a contemporary vocal coach, songwriter, motivational speaker, journalist, and television producer. The Jamie Redfern story is part of Australian show business history. Now regarded as a living legend, the many accolades Jamie has achieved in his wonderful career speak for themselves and listed below are only a few. • Australia's highest paid and most popular entertainer • The founding team member on Australia's legendary television phenomenon Young Talent Time. • 22 silver record awards. • 22 gold record awards ( the equivalent of numerous platinum awards by today’s standards ) • Logie awards. • The King of pop award ( Australia's best male vocalist ) • Three time winner of Australia's most popular record of the year award. • Record breaking return appearances by unprecedented public demand on 6 major USA television shows including the legendary Johnny Carson Show and the Mike Douglas show. • The amazing title of Australia's Mr Show business. • Named by Elvis Presley and Sammy Davis Junior as the best child singer and performer in the world. Jamie’s return to live performing is something his fans have long waited for, and he’s singing and performing better than ever !

Jamie Redfern – Young Talent Team – My Top 10

Controversial? We'll See. This article may seem a little risky and controversial for me to write, but I'm going to write it all the same. I'm not one to 'sit on the fence' when it comes to answering delicate or tough questions - and the one I was asked recently is definitely a question I think most people, if placed...

Jim’s Young Talent Time Machine – Juanita Coco Tribute

Untitled design
Juanita Coco Tribute My second tribute to Young Talent Time is not as packed with memories and commentary as I’d like it to be – at least not in the usual way. This isn’t because the cast member I’m focusing on was too busy recording or performing around the world to answer more than just a handful of questions -...

Jamie Redfern – When I’m 64, or was that 65?

jamie redfern – when i’m 64, or was that 65?
I’ll be turning 65 next April, and the thought of it made me sit back a little recently and reflect on my life. Like most people, I’ve experienced plenty of ups and downs. A couple of months ago someone asked me what advice I would give, if I could go back in time and speak to my five year...

Jamie Redfern – I Believe You Debra Byrne

debra byrne performs ' I Dreamed a Dream'
My Friend Needs Validation and Support - Here It Is. Many people would be aware of the painful YTT memories my Young Talent Time sister, Debra Byrne has been sharing on Facebook - and social media in general. Not Quite Ripe - the tell all book she released some years ago, detailed many of the alleged events and experiences that...

Jim’s Young Talent Time Machine – Derek Redfern Tribute 

jim’s young talent time machine – derek redfern tribute 
Derek Redfern Tribute Jamie: It’s been close on 40 years since you appeared on YTT, what have you been doing since that time? Derek: Well, where do I start!! Shortly after leaving the show, I appeared in a terrific musical pantomime (Cinderella), where I played the wonderful, but very demanding comedic role of Buttons. I also did a few television commercials -...

When Kettles Were Made of Gold – Part Two 

when kettles were made of gold – part two 
    In part two of my tribute to the legendary Singing Kettles, we continue with Bill and Kathy as they reminisce about a wonderful show business legacy ... Jim: So Bill, with Kath, you became a trio again? Bill: Yes, it did happen that way – and as I said, it was going very well professionally. Ross and I had won the...

When Kettles Were Made of Gold – Part One 

when kettles were made of gold – part one 
The Singing Kettles were undeniably pioneering legends of Australian country music, and a major reason the music genre would go on to become as strong, and as relevant as it is today. In part one of this revealing, and at times heart-rending interview with Bill Kettle, and his wife Kathy, we’re taken back to a time when CD’s were...

Jim’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Party – Savage Times

jim s party toorak tagg banner final x
  Great To Be Back Hey guy's, it's been a long time since I last posted an item on the TAGG-Toorak Times website - too long in fact. Anyway, to cut a long story short (great name for a song) life has finally settled down enough for me to return to giving you my two bobs worth on whatever is going...

Just Being Greedy

The music world has lost yet another amazing singer/songwriter, Andrew (Greedy) Smith. The Mental As Anything band member, who was described by a close friend as one of the healthiest people he ever knew, passed away in his car due to an apparent sudden heart attack. It's certainly a sad time for Aussie music, but has an even sadder ironic...