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Monday, May 23, 2022

Jamie Redfern – Young Talent Team – My Top 10



Controversial? We’ll See.

This article may seem a little risky and controversial for me to write, but I’m going to write it all the same. I’m not one to ‘sit on the fence’ when it comes to answering delicate or tough questions – and the one I was asked recently is definitely a question I think most people, if placed in a similar position, would find too risky to give a public reply to. 


Still, although I’m not going to say any more than I need to and certainly won’t be putting anyone down – it’ll be interesting to see the reactions of both the fans and my TV brothers and sisters when they read this article.

My top 10 Young Talent Team Members

Here are my top 10 young talent team members, in no particular order:

  1. Derek Redfern (Nepotism? No way. My brother earned his place on my list because of his great voice and amazing all round talent, which has grown enormously since leaving the show)
  2. Debra Byrne (One of Australia’s greatest performers ever, on so many levels).
  3. Trevor Hindmarch (Incredibly talented all round entertainer who always delivers)
  4. Tina Arena (One of the world’s top performers – no more needs to be said)
  5. Rod Kirkham (Incredibly fine singer and musician, super reliable in live events)
  6. Juanita Coco (Had something very special about her. Huge potential sadly cut short)
  7. Jane Scali (Another team member who is fantastic live and gets better every year)
  8. Karen Knowles (Wonderful singer and storyteller)
  9. Sally Boyden (Another all rounder who, like others above proved herself internationally)
  10. All of the team members from the 2012 version of the show (I told you my list would be controversial)

The kids who were chosen as team members for the 2012 version of the show were all really talented kids. It’s sad their show didn’t enjoy the success our version did – but it definitely wasn’t due to a lack of talent. Why the resurrected show didn’t succeed is anyone’s guess, but I wish we, the past team members had been given the chance to mentor the new kids.

It would have been so cool to do – and I think the public would have loved to see that happen. The new concept would have been given more of an interesting ‘reality TV’ vibe, which was and still is all the rage. I can only imagine the fun we’d have had filming the episodes – and I bet it would have made for magic television.

I’m not sure whether the 2012 team members were invited to be a part of this years YTT 50th anniversary celebrations. To my way of thinking, they should have been considered for both the online specials and live concerts – they are after all, the babies of our YTT family.

I chose to create my list using the mindset of a live event producer, and believe the artists chosen would allow me to stage one helluva performance. Oh, and before I get attacked for not including a certain team member – it needs to be noted that I didn’t include myself.



Jamie Redfernhttp://jamie-redfern.weebly.com/
Jamie was Australian entertainment's most successful child entertainer. Currently, he remains one of Australia's finest entertainers – and is also a contemporary vocal coach, songwriter, motivational speaker, journalist, and television producer. The Jamie Redfern story is part of Australian show business history. Now regarded as a living legend, the many accolades Jamie has achieved in his wonderful career speak for themselves and listed below are only a few. • Australia's highest paid and most popular entertainer • The founding team member on Australia's legendary television phenomenon Young Talent Time. • 22 silver record awards. • 22 gold record awards ( the equivalent of numerous platinum awards by today’s standards ) • Logie awards. • The King of pop award ( Australia's best male vocalist ) • Three time winner of Australia's most popular record of the year award. • Record breaking return appearances by unprecedented public demand on 6 major USA television shows including the legendary Johnny Carson Show and the Mike Douglas show. • The amazing title of Australia's Mr Show business. • Named by Elvis Presley and Sammy Davis Junior as the best child singer and performer in the world. Jamie’s return to live performing is something his fans have long waited for, and he’s singing and performing better than ever !