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Jim’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Party – Savage Times




Great To Be Back

Hey guy’s, it’s been a long time since I last posted an item on the TAGG-Toorak Times website – too long in fact. Anyway, to cut a long story short (great name for a song) life has finally settled down enough for me to return to giving you my two bobs worth on whatever is going on in the world of music, or anything else. Sometimes what I write actually makes sense and is worth reading – sometimes not. I’ll leave that for you to decide and will take this opportunity to sincerely apologize for any future articles you don’t find enlightening, amusing or entertaining. I do ask you to remember though that I’m just an average bloke speaking his mind – and no offence is ever intended.

What Have I Been Up To?

What am I doing nowadays? Probably the same as you – trying to recover from and make sense of this bloody COVID-19 nightmare. It’s been tough on everyone, but I’ve been really impressed by the way we’ve pulled together as a community – both globally and locally. Great to see so many of my fellow entertainers posting ‘live at home/in lockdown’ type performances too, in an effort to lift everyone’s spirits and boost public morale. Most of the performances don’t have the polished ‘state of the art’ recording and production values we’re used to seeing from big name artists – but it’s of little consequence. The fact that they are prepared to put their professional reputations on the line in an effort to keep us entertained (and sane) at such an unsettling and scary time is what we appreciate – and it endears them to us even more.

Listen To These Guys!

jim’s rock ‘n’ roll party – savage garden rocks

Here’s one such ‘at home’ performance I happened on the other day that has to be one of the finest live vocals I’ve ever heard. Gary Barlow is quite an amazing singer and hardly sets a foot wrong no matter what song he tackles. Our own Darren Hayes of Savage Garden fame is equally as gifted – but in this clip shows a vocal class that’s particularly hard to fault, or believe. Why the guy hasn’t gone on to enjoy even greater success than he had with his iconic Aussie band simply bewilders me. I mean, listen to him in the clip – how good do you have to be?

Young Talent Time 50th Anniversary

Readers who are avid Young Talent Time fans will be aware that 2021 marks the 50th anniversary of the legendary Australian television phenomenon.

jim’s rock ‘n’ roll party – savage times

Will there be celebrations to mark the event? Yes, although I say that with a little trepidation given the fact that nothing appears to be set in stone as yet – due to busy team members finding it hard to agree on dates and availability. I’m hoping it all goes ahead, and will be happy when venues are locked in and confirmed. Venues? Did I just let something slip? Could some of the team members be planning to come together for a concert tour? You never know. I mean a party or celebration of some kind would be great – but a concert tour after so many years, now that’d be something else. Watch this space, and I’ll tell you more when I have a clearer picture of what’s going on.

In the mean-time, let’s reminisce with a clip of my brother Derek and I performing on Young Talent Time when we were young blokes. I don’t do much in this one and only come in toward the end – but it was a fun gig all the same.

A Book On My Life

In finishing, I want to tell all the people who have constantly begged me to write a book on my life and times that I’m now planning to do just that. Will there be anyone who won’t want you to know certain things I’ll be revealing? Yes, I’d say so – a lot of nasty stuff happened back then. Still, in saying that, I won’t be out to hurt anyone or ruin a reputation just for the hell of it. I just think a little of the truth needs to be out there and some records need to be set straight. My friend, Debra Byrne ruffled a few feathers by telling her story and said I should do the same. My story may not be as dark as Deb’s, but some birds may soon start flying south for the winter.


Jamie Redfernhttp://jamie-redfern.weebly.com/
Jamie was Australian entertainment's most successful child entertainer. Currently, he remains one of Australia's finest entertainers – and is also a contemporary vocal coach, songwriter, motivational speaker, journalist, and television producer. The Jamie Redfern story is part of Australian show business history. Now regarded as a living legend, the many accolades Jamie has achieved in his wonderful career speak for themselves and listed below are only a few. • Australia's highest paid and most popular entertainer • The founding team member on Australia's legendary television phenomenon Young Talent Time. • 22 silver record awards. • 22 gold record awards ( the equivalent of numerous platinum awards by today’s standards ) • Logie awards. • The King of pop award ( Australia's best male vocalist ) • Three time winner of Australia's most popular record of the year award. • Record breaking return appearances by unprecedented public demand on 6 major USA television shows including the legendary Johnny Carson Show and the Mike Douglas show. • The amazing title of Australia's Mr Show business. • Named by Elvis Presley and Sammy Davis Junior as the best child singer and performer in the world. Jamie’s return to live performing is something his fans have long waited for, and he’s singing and performing better than ever !