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Are House And Land Packages In Sydney A Good Investment?



Getting real-time financial benefits is a primary goal of every investor in the real-estate sector. Undoubtedly, Sydney is among the ideal places for you to invest in the real-estate domain, but you need to take into account several aspects before investing.

However, house and land packages Sydney present excellent opportunities, no matter you are a first-time investor or have been in this game for years.

Let’s find out why house and land packages in Sydney are a good investment.

But First, What Is a House and Land Package?

A house and land package includes a home design and land packaged in a single process. There are two contracts taking place in this regard: one directly with a builder and one with a developer. The process is straightforward and cost-effective as you will know the joint price of the home and land from the very beginning.

Advantages Of House and Land Packages

Australians are enjoying the benefits of house and land packages on a large scale which is evident by the increase in the number of loans for new home construction by a whopping 27%. The Sydney house and land packages are especially great for investors and bring them these advantages:

  • Lesser Expenditure On Services

Unlike you spending on extra services when building a home, a house and land package comes with considerably a lesser expenditure. Why? This is because there is no need for additional services such as pest inspectors, for instance.

  • Claim For Depreciation 

You can claim the house and land package depreciation on the tax return much more than an established home. This will also include additional features such as fittings and fixtures.

You also get to enjoy many state grants, including the first homeowner, $25K Homebuilder grant and more, when you opt for a Sydney house and land package.

  • Opportunities In Sydney

The starting price of the house and land packages can be referenced from the North West side of Sydney, where the prices can go as low as $579,002. When you are in Sydney, investment plans like this one present an excellent opportunity for you to earn not only a stable passive income but also the autonomy to amplify your assets.

  • No Additional Works Required

The homes are new, generally covered by a service contract, and made with high-quality, standard material that lives up to the regulations in the construction sector. So, you get a warranty which is the best feature for investors.

  • Better Rental Yield

These packages are mostly available in metropolitan areas that are developed with all the amenities available, for example, Sydney. This ultimately means that you have a higher rental yield because of the building’s proximity to everything required to live a comfortable life. This puts you on a better financial scale.

Final Words

No additional charges, better rental yield and fantastic warranties, all these make house and land packages Sydney a dream come true for investors. If you are looking for a property from an investment perspective, it’s time you contact a home builder Sydney and get to know all about house and land packages.

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