Ok, I know what’s going through your mind he’s drinking an orange wine (Number-1).
(Secondly) – It’s a Moscato! What on earth is going on?

Well, let me tell you: This is an orange wine made from young organic vines of Moscato di Noto, on the southern tip of Sicily, fermented and aged all in steel and bottled with minimal filtration and just a touch of sulphur added.

On the nose I personally didn’t get a lot of the aromatic and exotic spice that the other people sharing the bottle were excited by.

However what got me in was the wonderful refreshing, mouth filling salt-dusted, saline wash that filled the mouth and cleansed the palate with fine tannins leading to a wonderful dry finish.

I have never tasted a Moscato like this before and it has been a real surprise and a treat to drink something exciting and in my case something new.

The food best enjoyed with this wine was a caramelised onion tart served warm from the pizza oven with a crisp green salad.

The sweetness of the onions works with the dry texture of the wine to create a wonderful late night snack.

michael lillisMichael Lillis


The Rot has set in.

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