Kinzoogianna’s “Cherry Devoy”: A Dance-Fueled Tribute to 80s UK Culture

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On May 17th, 2024, Kinzoogianna dropped her electrifying new single “Cherry Devoy”, complete with an accompanying dance video starring UK body popper Jutsu. This track is the first taste of her upcoming second album, The Clique of ’86, a vibrant homage to the 80s UK culture and the nascent house, hip-hop, and electro scenes.

Kinzoogianna, aka Anna Stubbs, brings her unique flair to this purely solo project, set for release in 2025. Expect a thrilling mix of programmed drums, synth bass, and her powerhouse vocals, creating irresistible dancefloor tempos. The album promises a blend of boogie, hip hop, electro, broken beat, jazztronica, funk, and punchy soul disco vocals, all enriched with jazz harmony.

Her debut album, Gold For The Hungry Souls, showcased her vast talent as a singer-songwriter, keyboard player, and producer. It drew on her adventurous and turbulent upbringing, blending Nu Jazz Soul grooves with stories from her life in London and reflections during the Covid pandemic.

With “Cherry Devoy”, Kinzoogianna invites us into her nostalgic yet forward-thinking world, where 80s Essex meets modern musical mastery. Get ready to dance and reminisce as this dynamic artist takes you on a journey through time and sound.

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