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SATRE’s ‘Homebound’: Your New Favorite Summer Anthem






Swedish, London-based singer-songwriter SATRE has released his latest single, “Homebound,” perfectly timed for the arrival of Spring. Known for his captivating street performances in central London, SATRE continues to make waves with this new track. “Homebound” is a rich, euphoric indie folk pop song that beautifully blends upbeat guitars, banjos, pounding drums, and melancholic violins. SATRE’s husky voice delivers a heartfelt performance, evoking the warm, nostalgic feeling of being with someone who feels like home.

Following the success of his previous 2024 single “Breathe Out“, “homebound” showcases SATRE’s versatility and growth as an artist. The song’s lyrics and vibrant arrangement create images of a sun-soaked road trip with loved ones, making it a perfect anthem for the season. Fans of The Lumineers, Noah Kahan, and Mumford & Sons will find much to love in this new release.


Tom L.

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