ION Releases New Single “iamvessel”

ion releases new single ‘iamvessel’

London-based alternative-indie artist ION is back with a new single, “iamvessel”. This track is the second single from his highly-anticipated forthcoming EP, which explores themes of insanity and spiritual preservation.

“iamvessel” features a soothing, dreamlike soundscape, inspired by the enchanting singing of Irish folk musician Mary O’Hara. The track combines ambient synthesis with a crooning vocal delivery, creating an immersive and serene listening experience that highlights ION’s evolving artistic vision.

My intention with ‘iamvessel’ was to encapsulate the intoxicating feeling of escapism, portraying the experience of running away to ‘our own little sanctuary’ as a means of coping with the circumstances of the world that we find ourselves in,” says ION. He uses a mix of ambient synthesis and lullaby-like vocals to build a whimsical depiction of this dreamlike state.

ION, originally from the Kosovan highlands, credits his abstract style of thinking and artistic expression to his upbringing in this unspoiled landscape. His deep connection to nature significantly influences his music and lifestyle.



Tom L.

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