Experience the Vibrant Sounds of ARB with Their Latest Single “Guy”

experience the vibrant sounds of arb with their latest single "guy"

Get ready to groove to the infectious rhythms of ARB (Alter-Reflective Beats) as they drop their latest single, “Guy”, featuring KAEY. Comprising Anthony Osunde (Dr.T), Odenose Dele-Damisa (OD), and Ifeoluwa Adedeji (Ifektive), ARB brings their signature blend of afrobeat vocals and grime beats to the forefront in this upbeat anthem that celebrates the hustle mentality.

The abbreviation ARB, which stands for Alter-Reflective Beats, reflects the band’s goal of producing music that challenges listeners to reflect on its themes and narratives while enjoying the music. Through intentional themes and messages, ARB aims to unite listeners in a shared experience of pleasure and contemplation.

Despite their collective tendency towards overthinking, ARB shares a common value: never giving up on survival. With “Guy”, they deliver an energetic tune that inspires listeners to push forward and chase their dreams, all while grooving to the irresistible beats.

Drawing from their passion for the live music experience, ARB presents a multifaceted sound that combines elements of AfroGrime, Afrobeats, Afropop, and Afrofusion. The track’s captivating production, featuring trumpet, saxophone, cello, violin, piano, and bass guitar sounds, immediately draws listeners into its dynamic soundscape.

It means the world to me as it blends all the different sub-genres that I play, into one song. It is unique and provokes the listener to interact with it without trying too hard,” comments ARB on the release. As part of the campaign promo for “Guy”, ARB will launch the “10k Hustle Campaign”, awarding 10,000 Naira to hardworking traders and market sellers to encourage their hustling spirit and appreciate their hard work.

As ARB gears up for an exciting year ahead, fans can expect a series of groundbreaking releases that showcase their innovative take on Afro music genres. With “Guy”, they invite listeners on a captivating journey that exemplifies their mission to entertain while encouraging introspection.


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