DLG. takes us through his psychedelic jazz pop journey in stunning new EP ‘CHARACTERS’

dlg. takes us through his psychedelic jazz pop journey in stunning new ep 'characters'

Step into the hazy, cross-genre realm of DLG.’s latest EP, ‘CHARACTERS’. Born in Austin, Texas, and now based in LA, DLG. (Dave De La Garza) invites listeners on a vibrant exploration of his experiences in the City of Angels and the diverse cast of characters he’s encountered along the way.

Drawing inspiration from a diverse range of artists including Jungle, Glass Animals, Mac Miller, The Marias, Tom Misch, and Still Woozy, DLG.’s sound is a melting pot of influences, unified by a central essence of psychedelic jazz flair. Each track on ‘CHARACTERS’ embarks on its own genre-bending adventure, offering listeners a kaleidoscopic journey through DLG.’s musical world.

One standout track from the EP is ‘ICY’, a reimagined version of DLG.’s debut song. Reflecting on the evolution of the track, DLG. shares, “The production of the song has changed immensely since 2016, but the lyrics are the exact same.” Inspired by the bitter aftermath of a friend’s breakup, ‘ICY’ features mesmerising tabla recordings as its backbone, infusing the song with a unique and captivating energy.

Leading up to the EP’s release, DLG. teased fans with a series of singles including ‘KUNG FU’, ‘OVER MY HEAD’, ‘STRANGERS’, ‘DIVE IN’, and ‘NO SLACK’ (feat. Healy), all of which received praise and anticipation from his audience. Now, with the full ‘CHARACTERS’ EP available, DLG. invites listeners to immerse themselves in his sonic universe and embark on an unforgettable musical journey through the streets of LA. Check it out now.

Stream ‘CHARACTERS’ here:

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