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diary of an independent publisher the last post

THE IMPORTANCE OF TIME AND SPACE AND PLACE – I had an email today from a client in Melbourne who told me how she missed simple things like shopping, going to a favourite cafe and travelling, if only driving further than five kilometres from home. Things appear to be easing in Melbourne but, a couple of emails later we had agreed that small things can be big things.
Such an example goes back to 2017. I received an invite from my brother to spend time with him at Mooloolaba, Qld.
It was an invite I graciously accepted.
Six months after Wendy died I flew north. First to Sydney to catch up with a friend. It was VIVID time. There was colour and newness in my time in Sydney and then on to the Sunshine Coast. The following week and-a-bit was spent rejuvenating from loss and looking at gaining. I walked the beaches, I hired a bicycle and surfboard and went for walks and caught up with friends and met new friends. I took wine and nibblies to the twilight surfing. The warmness prompted a feeling of liberation. I went window shopping. And shopping. I bought things for myself. I bought gifts and went for beach walks and photographed a python behind the beach. I made sure I was always back at my brothers place in time for the bar to open. A simple holiday. A simple break from the confines that had confronted me. And with it, an opening to things I had not thought of. Where small things become big things. I even indulged in arguments with right-wing friends of my brothers. But it didn’t matter. These arguments were small things that would never be big things.
Tonight, on the south coast of NSW it is a good evening. The cool breeze is blowing into the kitchen. Music is good while chicken, black bean, rice and chilli on the stove.
I’ll be heading north again soon. For work. Work is good.
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