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The Diary Of an Independent Publisher, Wednesday

the diary of an independent publisher, wednesday
The Diary of an Independent Publisher - There are people, who, with almost everything they do, turn it into a Production. If you're seeking peace, it can be a threatened intrusion. But, generally, you can absorb it and carry on. Peace of mind is important. It helps us concentrate and feel confident about the decisions we've reached. And you don't have...

The Diary of an Independent Publisher

the diary of an independent publisher
A book turned up at the front door, today. It struck a chord, immediately. It's set in the summer of 1984/85. The West Indian cricket team is touring Australia, and the Aussies are getting flogged. Then, a very unlikely hero steps up to the crease... Sergeant Roy Cooper is a country policeman in the small country town of Penguin Hill. He's...

Diary of an Independent Publisher The Last Post

diary of an independent publisher the last post
THE IMPORTANCE OF TIME AND SPACE AND PLACE - I had an email today from a client in Melbourne who told me how she missed simple things like shopping, going to a favourite cafe and travelling, if only driving further than five kilometres from home. Things appear to be easing in Melbourne but, a couple of emails later we...

The Diary of Summer

the diary of summer
A Diary of Summer: I remember cycling with my brother and mates, as kids, along the dirt track that ran parallel to the train line in the Adelaide suburbs. It was a summer practice and our destination was always the same. The Unley swimming pool. A few years before, we had risen early before school and walked the ten minutes to...


# 14 ava, her father and the cowboy – the father
Episode # 14 Ava, her father and the cowboy - The Father: Sometimes, the thought of living alone for the rest of my life, however fucking long that was going to be, was nearly appealing. First of all, I can do whatever I want, even if I do sweet fuck all most of the time. Ava’s hardly ever around and when...

Diary of an Independent Publisher

diary of an independent publisher
A cold shower. Still hot. Fire trucks with sirens on racing south on the highway. US volunteers, fighting fires, killed in a plane crash. Moruya still without power. 5pm a martini. Tired after a day of getting support for the Anzac Day edition. Messages from Hamperworld as we both use social media and The Last Post to promote the...

Ava, her father and the cowboy

ava, her father and the cowboy
On top of being editor and owner and chief coffee-maker of The Last Post, I have a co-written song, performed by Keri McInerney and band ready for release as a single. I have a movie treatment I'm working on with producer/director Darren Markey and I have this, Ava, her father and the cowboy, an instalment-by-instalment novella that takes us...

Diary of an Independent Publisher by Greg T Ross, Editor The Last Post magazine

diary of an independent publisher by greg t ross, editor the last post magazine
As the weather introduces a welcome cool change here in Adelaide, news of fires uncomfortably close to home in Long Beach. Flying back to Sydney tomorrow morning and will asses the situation then. A happy New Year’s Eve to all and the journey continues in 2020. More news of my movie treatment with Lorne Films Darren Markey and the release...


diary of an independent publisher  by greg t ross
Hello. My name is Greg T Ross and, apart from a whole lot of other stuff, I am the owner and editor of the magazine, The Last Post. Part of what I do is an (almost) daily blog, Diary of an Independent Publisher. It was set-up, initially after my wife's death from pancreatic cancer, as something to do with my...