come as you are to stupid & contagious
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I knew the show was something special as I watched laughing, smiling, and somewhat out-of-breath theatre goers leave The Lithuanian Club Ballroom. Left in their wake was a wreckage of drumsticks, pool noodles, and sweaters. You know, the usual destruction of a 90s karaoke cabaret…

Ryan Good brings a dynamic energy that turns a group of strangers into rock legends, all while paying homage to his look-alike and idol, Kurt Cobain. The interactive show is propelled by Ryan’s sharp wit, warmth, and appreciation of music’s impact on the past and present. Sharing personal stories and insights (even a little slam poetry), Ryan guides the audience through a 90s-themed rollercoaster of teenage emotions and comedic misadventures. Together with the audience, Ryan leads you to a deeper appreciation of music and its continued influence on our lives.

Whether you enjoy head banging to departed music legends or belting out your favourite pop hit, this performance solidifies music’s place in our daily lives and cultural identity. Ryan Good and his team have crafted a unique and engaging experience that is only limited by the audience’s willingness to join him.

Dancing, laughing, singing, sweater destroying – it’s all included. Do yourself a favour and join the party at Stupid and Contagious before it’s too late. Catch the last show tonight at 10:30pm.

Stupid and Contagious

When: Saturday, 1st October at 10:30pm (60 min)

Where: Fringe Hub: Lithuanian Club – The Ballroom, 44 Errol St, North Melbourne

Tickets: $20-25