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All you Need to Know About All-On-4 Treatment



What is All-On-4 Treatment?

All-4-Dental implants offer a permanent solution, unlike removable dentures. With All-on-4 treatment, you can skip the lengthy conventional implantation procedure. 

Gift yourself a healthier smile.

All-on-4 dental implants replicate the functionality and look of your natural teeth. These implants consist of a whole set of teeth resting on 4 dental implants. The fixed dental prosthesis of 10-14 teeth is supported with 4 titanium implants.  

The best part about the treatment?

It’s a quick procedure. You can easily replace the missing teeth with the prosthesis immediately—no need to wait anymore. 

How Much Will Best All-On-4 Dental Implants Cost You?

Based on various factors, including the material used and how many teeth you need replacing, the cost of the best all-on-4 dental implants will vary. 

In Australia, all-on-4 dental treatment will cost you between $23,000 to $27,000 per fixed arch. This cost breakdown includes-

  • The first consultation with your dentist, 
  • Any procedures before surgery- medical tests, etc., 
  • The surgery, 
  • Fitting of an acrylic denture, 
  • Post-treatment reviews management and x-rays. 

What Is The Process of All-On-4 Treatment, Warriewood?

The All-on-4 treatment process comprises of 3 stages-

  1. Placing the implants surgically
  2. Initial teeth placement
  3. Final teeth placement after the healing period

So, why do you require the initial teeth? There are three reasons why you’ll not get the final teeth placement immediately:

Alignment and Adjustment

  • Your gums continue to change upto 12 months after the placement of the initial teeth. So your new false teeth will require realignment. After your initial teeth placement, you’ll need some time to accommodate the new way of speaking and eating. 
  • After the initial teeth placement, your bite will change. You’ll have to reassess the fit and function of the bridge. Any required changes can be incorporated into the final teeth fitting.


  • Once the implants are fitted, your jawbone undergoes a process called osseointegration. In this process, the jawbone attaches itself to the implants. An acrylic bridge supports osseointegration by absorbing some of the impacts of the bite.
  • Zirconia and porcelain are extremely rigid. During the osseointegration process, they’ll be unable to absorb the force of the bite and might hinder the healing process.

Immediate Solution And Generating a Production Window for The Final Teeth Replacement

  • Your final prosthesis designing and production can take several weeks. Therefore while you wait would be left without teeth.
  • Fitting an initial acrylic fixed bridge is the standard procedure for all-on-4 treatment.  
  • This acrylic fixed bridge lasts between three to five years before requiring replacement. 
  • Certain patients choose a replacement of the initial fixed bridge with a long-term restorative zirconia or porcelain solution. 

What Are the Benefits of All-On-4 Treatment?

This dental treatment is an excellent solution for your teeth. We have enlisted the various benefits you’ll enjoy from the all-on-4 implant.

  • Requires shorter implantation time compared to other dental implants.
  • The treatment process, including the initial teeth, is completed in a single day.
  • Requires less invasion than other dental implantation
  • Prevents bone loss in the future
  • Restoration of the entire arch
  • Dental hygiene improves
  • Improved confidence with strong natural bite

How To Find The Right Dentist For All-On-4 Treatment, Warriewood?

Thanks to the advent of internet services and search engines. You can now find an excellent dentist for your oral requirements online. 

All-on-4 dental treatment is a lifelong investment. Therefore it’s crucial to consult an excellent dentist who offers an exceptional standard of care and a reliable dental solution. 

Poorly placed implants can result in further costly dentist treatments. Research the dental solution companies you find on the internet. Look for customer reviews, case studies and client testimonials before you finalize your dental partner.

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