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Friday, May 20, 2022

Play Up Your Office Wear with Work Polo Shirts



Your workwear does not have to be as mundane as your daily 9 to 5 job. Add some color and style to your daily formals with work polo shirts.

If you were of the opinion that polo shirts are just last-minute stuff to put on when you’re running late, you are wrong! Missing out is what you have been doing so far. These shirts are effective workwear, and not just for Fridays.

Adding a dash of color to your workplace is always a great way to grab some attention and breeze through an otherwise routine day.

There are several ways to ramp up your style with these work polo shirts, Read below:

1. Work polo shirts- your way to comfort and play

These shirts are soft, comfortable, and come with the advantage of being used as semi-formals as well. Just put a blazer over it and tuck in!

2. Branding your fav workplace!

Show some love for the company you work for. Customize your polo with company insignia or write your name with a funny caption. You’re sure to turn heads and impress better.

3. Trendy and fashionable

Who said your work polo shirt had to be uniform in design? Have you tried out the smart Jersey polo? Or the Olympic polo shirt which is specially meant for light workwear?

Once you start experimenting with your polo shirts, a whole new range of new wardrobe choices will open up for you. Try out new ways to dress up with these shirts and it will be worth your time.

Not just the cut and style, several vibrant colors are available too, and you can flaunt your daily mood! Your Fridays never looked brighter!

4. Available for both men and women

Girls, if you’ve been thinking guys are having way too much fun with polos, think again. These cool work polo shirts are available for everybody and promise to be equally fun. Layer up or tuck in, you too can sport your moods daily.

5. Teaming up your clothes for office wear

The best part about these shirts is their versatility and minimalism that comes with them. You don’t have to overdress or even look under-dressed for office wear. Teaming up your polo in color block style with chinos sounds well for as semi-formal, white shorts and polo or jeans with polo tucked out sound like the ideal brunch day. With work polo shirts, be your own fashion expert.

And the best part is you can wear them throughout the year. Feel more confident as you slip into your after-work party mode without wasting too much time or putting much effort into your fashion.

6. Variety of cuts and fits

These versatile shirts are available in a variety of fits and go well with almost all body types. To rock the ultimate look, don’t wear these shirts too tight. It should fit you, yes, but not too much. Slim fits and classic fits are always the standards. If you do an experiment, make sure it goes with your body type. Never tuck out and splay your collar. Kids do that.

You have probably been wearing polo shirts for several years now, but work polo shirts are in a league of their own. Customize and flaunt your moods, be ready for the after-work party, and with maybe one less blazer, you can even wear it to your Sunday brunch if it’s not too scrunched up.

There have been several innovations with work polo shirts and now you get them in a greater variety than before.

So, go to work and play!