4 reasons custom clothing is on trend in 2021
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What people wear on a given day makes up for half of their mood and personality. Sometimes, when people aren’t feeling too good with their clothes, chances are, they might not feel confident enough to face the world. Thus, they purchase items off the rack or avail of sales for bargain clothing. Some find buying ready-to-wear clothes a joy.

However, there are those who feel differently. For them, nothing beats the feeling of wearing a well-fitted, aptly-styled piece of garment. 

4 reasons custom clothing is on trend in 2021Cloth samples for custom made suits and jackets

Why Custom Clothing is Trending in 2021 

Fashion trend forecasts echo this sentiment, especially in 2021, where the majority favour personalised custom clothing. This comes in various forms, whatever your taste and style are: tailor-fitted garment, print custom clothing, or anything customised.

So, why is custom clothing a trending style? Here are four reasons.

1. It’s Economical

In the past, only the rich and moneyed people get to avail of custom-made clothing from their private tailors. Now, with the accessibility of garments and materials plus the use of new technologies, having your clothes custom-made or tailored won’t break the bank.

2. It Reflects One’s Personality

People like having their clothes custom-made because of their personal appeal. Nothing beats the feeling of knowing that what one is wearing is tailor-fitted to their body and style, exclusively. 

Having clothes customised to your liking gives you more freedom to express yourself through your style. The people you interact with on a daily basis can see this, too, making you more professional-looking or amiable in their eyes. 

If you want to be remembered for your remarkable way of dressing, then you should consider having your clothes custom-made. Talk about power dressing! You’re also safe from the embarrassment of walking around wearing clothes and finding that a stranger is also wearing the same outfit.

3. It’s High-Quality

Custom-made clothing takes time to construct, fit, and sew, so the process alone confirms its quality. The production process is unlike that of fast fashion garments that could only take about a few months of wear before the stitches start to disintegrate.

Many people argue, however, that custom-made clothing isn’t worth it for pieces that are worn every day, such as shirts or jeans. But if you have the budget to have these simple statement everyday pieces, then why not? Save yourself the hassle of going to the department store every two months to buy a new mass-produced outfit because the old one had loose stitching or looked worn-out. 

Custom-made garments speak for quality as their lifespan is significantly higher than that of ready-to-wear garments that could be bought online or in department stores. So, before you buy a shirt at a boutique retailer, consider calling your tailor or a custom garment store first.

4. It’s Stylish 

Fashion is cyclical these days, meaning what was worn last season has the probability of returning in the next two seasons. Some people are okay with that, even favouring the cyclical nature of fashion for economic reasons. But if you’re particular in the fashion and style department, then custom-made clothing is for you.

Custom-made clothing is not only trendy because of the aforementioned reasons alone but also because it lends style to every piece of clothing one owns. Only the stores or tailors who offer custom-made clothing can alter a garment accordingly to your style and specifications.


There are certain things that fast fashion and ready-to-wear garments just can’t achieve, such as the quality of materials for the clothes, style, the clothing personality, and the economic benefits it could have in the long run. These are only a few reasons why people opt to have their garments, even their jewelry, custom-made. So why shouldn’t you?