What Everyone Ought to Know About Tree Stump Removal

Tree Stump Removal
Tree Stump Removal

Tree stumps are very tough to remove, but if you have the right tools and skill, it’s pretty easy, or you can say less stringent. Stumps can sometimes regenerate into new trees. Stump sprouts have a tendency to grow very quickly due to the existing route structure. The cut portion of the trunk may weaken germs and introduce into new trees which it might form. Tree Stumps removal are pretty tricky from the ground as the roots are strong and sturdy, they either can be dug out, shredded with a stump grinder or be burnt

The usual method of tree stump removal is to use chemical stump removal products, as immediate results are needed. The tree stumps removal chemicals are made out of Potassium nitrate and can also act rapidly, increasing decay of the stump. Once a matter of 6 months passes, they will turn rotten through and quickly can be chooped to minute pieces. There is another option of setting fire because the moment potassium nitrate has been absorbed, it acts as an ionizer.

In olden days an explosive powder was used, which was popularly known as stump removal powder that used to blast stumps.

But why are Stumps removed?

Not all tress in all areas is beneficial. Sometimes a tree forms roots under your house which then eats away at the foundation. Cutting the tree does not solve the matter and in such instances, tree stumps removal option is chosen.

Let’s look upon why the removal of a tree stump is necessary.


Old stumps look ugly in the backyard and the garden as well, and this also leads to the growth of weeds and other wild plants, which spoil the soil quality and proliferates.

Occupy a large amount of space

People want and desire a clean and spacious garden, but not one which is filled with weeds and unfinished tree stumps, which have become quite old and weak and even dry.

Tree Stump Removal
Tree Stump Removal


They are even dangerous as they get tangled with gas pipes, weeds, and other plants get trapped in it, you may even get your foot tangled. Children can also fall and might get hurt due to the unfinished business of trees in the backyard and garden.

Now let’s look upon how to remove a tree stump

  • One way to tree stump removal is by drilling holes in the stump. To start, drill holes on top of the stump and use the spade to bit with an extension and drill holes around a stump perimeter of about 12 inches deep and 3-4 inches back from the edge. Drill even more holes of 3 to 4 inches down from the rim to a 45-degree angle to connect with other holes residing in it. These holes will provide connectivity to burn and helping in the rotting process.
  • Another way is to take a power stump grinder and do it, as it’s the most natural step to remove and kill trees quickly. Most of the tree stump removal chemicals are made of potassium and nitrate mixed in This chemical helps in speeding up the rotting process and saves a lot of time, and the result is quite clean.

It is better advised by tree experts to burn off the left-over stump with kerosene or fuel oil carefully into holes. It would be best if you waited until the liquid ultimately enters the tunnel and penetrates the wood, then thoroughly drop a match stick into the hole and start the burning process.

The result can be seen by, after a few days, the tree stump leaves a charcoal filled hole and smolders amber from it. Now, wrap the stump in wire and remove all leaves around it before ignition and stay away from fire and hazardous chemicals.


It is advised and preferable to use gloves and a special suit in this tree stump removal process. Though the process may sound complicated, it will make the garden look even more beautiful.