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Top Bathroom Aids for the Elderly



A bathroom can be a risky area for seniors due to several potentially dangerous aspects. With slippery floors, hard surfaces, multiple edges, and corners, the bathroom poses more dangers of falls and accidents. 

In 2017, around 15 per cent of Australia’s population comprised individuals of the age 65 or above. You can increase bathroom safety for elderly people with the help of bathroom aids such as a shower commode chair.

Bathroom safety products for seniors reduce the risk of accidents and injuries. They make it easier for the elderly to remain independent. You’ll be able to worry less about their safety with the following top bathroom aids designed to help seniors: 

Grab Bars

Many seniors depend on towel bars or racks for support in the bathroom. However, these bars are not very sturdy. They may also be slippery. To avoid the risk of falling, you can install grab bars in the bathroom. These are sturdy and offer better support.

Make sure to place them at an ideal location. It has to be accessible to the seniors. You may place it within their arm’s reach from the bathtub. Additionally, grab bars have to be slip-resistant.

You may fix a few grab bars on the bathroom wall at an appropriate height. Seniors can use the bars to steady themselves in case they accidentally slip.

Shower Commode Chairs

A shower commode chair can keep elderly people safe from slippery and hard surfaces in the bathroom. They offer support to eliminate challenges standing for a long time in the shower. Moreover, this chair allows them to use the toilet more easily.

Some shower commode chairs are available with wheels. They help seniors who find it difficult to walk to the bathroom. These chairs are primarily self-propelled. You can also manoeuvre them if the need arises. 

The chairs come with adequate padding to ensure the comfort of the seniors. You can find several varieties. Make sure to choose the one that matches their needs the best.

Walk-in Tub

It may be difficult for the elderly to climb over the bathtub ledge. A walk-in tub avoids such hassle. You can walk directly into the bathtub, sit down and take a bath. It is beneficial if seniors have difficulty in moving their limbs or limited mobility.

A walk-in bathtub is a much safer option. It avoids the risks of accidents and falls. Moreover, it is convenient. Seniors can focus on relaxing and enjoying their baths instead of viewing the task as challenging.

Anti-slip Bath Mats

You can place an anti-slip bath mat in the bathing area. It prevents the elderly from slipping or falling during their shower. These mats will make sure not to make seniors uncomfortable. The texture is not harsh.

Additionally, they are not constantly wet. An anti-slip mat can drain water to remain dry and reduce any slipping incidents. The drain holes also prevent the formation of any fungi and bacteria in the bathroom.

Bath Lift

Bath lifts can lift you into and from the bath. They are beneficial for seniors who suffer from arthritis or mobility issues. You can find them in numerous designs and multiple functions. It is easy to choose the one that fits into the bathroom.

Motor-driven bath lifts and inflatable cushion ones are the most popular. Bath lifts are easy to install. Seniors can enjoy their bath without the assistance of someone. A bath lift ensures comfort, satisfaction, and adequate safety for the elderly.

Safety measures in the bathroom can make a massive difference to the elderly. They help in preventing accidents and falls. With the help of bathroom aids for seniors, you can provide them with better comfort and safety.

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