Two historic albums, two consummate artists, plus a talented eleven-piece band, equals a night of first-rate, nostalgic and polished entertainment, to a full-house at one of Adelaide’s favourite music venues, The Governor Hindmarsh Hotel.

Gary Burrows and Greg Hart meticulously recreate not one but two legendary Beatles albums, giving us not only a musical history lesson but a lesson in musicianship too.

that radio chick cheryl lee reviews the beatles rubber soul & revolver albums
Photo Credit: Shane Lampard

Expertly MCd by evergreen radio personality Tommy Kaye, the night was as informative as it was fun ….

“Rubber Soul was The Beatles sixth studio album, released in Australia in 1965 on Parlophone label, topping sales charts in Britain for 7 weeks, the US for 6 weeks and here in Australia for 11 weeks.

Ranked fifth on the Rolling Stone Magazine “The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time”.

Today, the Rubber Soul album in pristine condition would sell for about $500.

Revolver was the seventh studio album by The Beatles.

It was released in 1966, also on Parlophone label, the final recording project before their retirement as live performers.

The album cover, designed by Klaus Voormann, won the 1967 Grammy Award for Best Album Cover, Graphic Arts.

In 1965/66

Your average 3 bedroom house was worth $12,500
Average men’s wage was $60 per week
Petrol was just 8 cents per litre
A loaf of bread was 16c
One litre of milk was 17c”

There was no need for me to beg, steal or borrow a set list at this gig, just consult the track listings:


rubbersoul x

Track Listing – Rubber Soul by The Beatles


revolver album cover

Track Listing – Revolver by The Beatles

Gary Burrows, a distant relative of John Lennon, resembles him in both appearance and voice.  His pure love of The Beatles and their music is obvious.  Gary is a legend of the music business here in Adelaide and is a performing member of The Boys, The Rustlers and recently, The Masters Apprentices.

that radio chick cheryl lee reviews rubber soul & revolver by greg hart & gary burrows
Gary Burrows and Cheryl Lee on the Rubber Soul & Revolver Stage at The Gov

Greg Hart has a music theatre background, as his stage presence attests, and is Adelaide’s leading tribute show performer, expertly channelling amongst others Roy Orbison, Johnny O’Keefe, Neil Diamond, Elvis, Tom Jones.

that radio chick cheryl lee reviews the beatles rubber soul & revolver albums
Greg Hart

Trish Hart has been a music teacher for over 30 years and has played many lead roles and/or directed in musicals around Adelaide, most recently as Donna Sheridan in the Metropolitan Music Theatre Company’s Mamma Mia.
Trish sang and conducted the singers on stage with the Rolling Stones at Adelaide Oval in 2014.

that radio chick cheryl lee reviews the beatles rubber soul & revolver albums presented by greg hart & gary burrows
Trish Hart

The cast was a who’s who of South Australian musical talent, expertly musically directed by husband and wife team, Greg and Trish Hart.

Greg Hart              Lead Vocals & Guitar
Gary Burrows         Lead Vocals & Guitar
Trish Hart               Keyboards & Vocals
Graham Woods       Keyboards & Vocals
Simon Gould           Lead Guitar & Vocals
Jim Yotchev            Bass Guitar & Vocals
Ben Duffy               Drums & Vocals
Tammy Papps         Violin
Heather Lander       Cello
Brett Pamment        Trumpet & Flugelhorn
Daniel Burgess        Tenor Saxophone
Carl Phillipson         Trombone
Madhan                  Indian Tabla Drum

the beatles ticket
Even received a real old fashioned paper ticket!!

It is rumoured that this show might be taken interstate.
If it comes to your town, make sure you make it along, and I just might see you down the front!

Cheryl Lee and hubby Barry Crabtree at The Gov
That Radio Chick Cheryl Lee at the mic

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