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The Real thing






Era’s pass but genuine Artist’s don’t. Russell Morris’s Music career took off in the 70’s, a politically volatile time of change and youth culture that was spurned on by the Vietnam War. A heartfelt era funnelled through substandard audio; AM radios, record players and cassettes stuffed into dashboards of Holden station-wagons. Pub gigs offered the … Continue reading The Real thing

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Sydney Rock Outfit Release Hammer To The Wall

Lovers of Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and old-school rock and roll will love Valiant Stride. The Sydney rock band have released the track Hammer...

Australian/US Duo Plasma Chasms Releases Their Latest Psychedelic Offering ‘Interstellar Baby’

Indie-psychedelic duo Plasma Chasms, composed of Adrian Guerrero and Jane Drewett, have once again demonstrated their unique musical prowess with their latest single, ‘Interstellar...

Dear Daughter / Fuzz – out now!

  Even though it's cold and wintery here in Naarm/Melbourne, the sun pokes its head out from time to time like a glimmer of hope...

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