Sydney, here we come

sydney, here we come

Due to Covid restrictions it’s all but impossible to find rehearsal space, so just as the play intially started, it has now returned to a living room.

On Wednesday March 3 we perform at an Army Barracks in Sydney

then we are doing two shows working in conjunction with Blake Entertainment at the Paddo RSL before heading home.

This is just a nibble of what The Wolves Theatre Company do.

Set in a waiting room in the afterlife, it focuses on the souls of four very different strangers, whose only connection is that they have all attempted suicide and failed and who now are bored and regretful and want to get out of this room and go home, but how? Maybe there is something they have to do. But what? Apart from the seats, the only thing in this room is each other.

“The finest piece of theatre I’ve seen in many years. It had me in tears and belly laughing. ” ~Megan Watts.


Thursday 4 March 2021 7:30 PM and Friday 5 March 2021 7:30 PM


Paddo RSL ( Paddington) 220-232 Oxford St, Paddington, NSW 2021


Big thanks to the RTBU for their continued support of Marooned


SHARAF (Honour) 

The remarkable Global Play Reading


A wonderful thing is happening and evolving in such an organic way across the globe.  

A gorgeous friend friend Vienna Toma told Michael some incredible stories from her past in Iraq. Inspired by these stories this play was created. 

It deals with an honour killing. 

From Michael. the writer.

“In the era where it often feels safer to stay quiet I never thought the play would stand a chance of being heard, but after the Egyptian based Director Mohammed Hashem got a hold of it, he organised a zoom read with Arabic artists from all over the World. Now we have had two and we are all moving  towards a public Zoom premiere performance of the play”. 

What an interesting world we live in. 

We’d like to send out an enormous thank you to all the actors and especially Mo Hash for making all this possible. And the actors and viewers from the USA, London, Egypt and Australia.

Vienna Toma; Dejla ForatMo HashHayat Selim

Ahmed Harfoush IIIShaymaa Shoukry; Nadia Goldsmith; Raouf Zaidan

Saif Al Taii Abu-KandilJohn OrcsikElizabeth O’Callaghan

Megan Watts and Osama Sami

And then moving into this exciting year ahead we have The Magnolia Tree in May with the gorgeous Tottie Goldsmith touring through parts of Victoria. Then The Seagull King with the passionate Ian Rooney and then a brand new play Real with John Wood attached. 



These theatres have live links, more to follow.



Forge Theatre and Arts

Hobson’s Bay Altona Theatre


Then we have The Seagull King a comedy with the passionate Ian Rooney.  Karla Hillam auditioned over zoom to play Leanne

and she was utterly brilliant.

We are auditioning a new nurse now.

More news soon.


The first public read of our brand new and brutal play.

The Wolves are honoured to have the talented John Wood on board.

The first reading of Real, due to time commitments will be in April. Amazingly this play was written in January this year.

Also in the cast Ezra Bix who is also starring in Clickbait, and our play The Magnolia Tree, Elizabeth O’Callaghan and Candice Leask  

A massive thank you to Liz Squires for her logo. Still working on this amazing drawing.

Also, it’s been an incredible couple of months with meetings with statuesque names such as Bruce Beresford who wants to direct The Shadows and the Hues in September in Sale to the roller coaster of interest in the plays. The Wolves are setting a large and exciting mark on the theatre world and there is no stopping us!

Rohana Hayes