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Fun Things to do in Australia with Friends

fun things to do in australia with friends

If you are pack is adventure-loving and want to experience a time like never before, pack your bags and head on to Australia. Tourism is one of the most important industries in Australia. According to a statistic, 9.4 million tourists visited Australia in 2019. Thus, if you are looking for fun things to do in Australia, this article is meant for You!

Have you been to the Rainbow Serpent Festival?

This is an amazing music and art festival, native to the Australian culture. The rising tide of tourists and the extravaganza has made this festival an international success. It used to be a local festival, at first, but the smooth concoction of Australian culture and psytrance influence has helped it reach a wider audience base.

If you are in Australia with your friends, make sure you go to this festival as you will get to groove to the music and enjoy the festivities, as well!

Take a dip at the pools of Sydney Royal National Park

Your Instagram posts just cannot be devoid of the famous Sydney Royal National Park. It has an amazing landscape and it is very Instagram-friendly. What’s the best part of the landscape? They have these naturally formed 8-shaped pools, that are not only eye-appealing but also a very good spot to take a dip with your friends.

You can also go skinny dipping if you are looking for some new experience. However, be aware as the water may be chilled and you may find difficulties with the temperature. So, a piece of advice, make sure you have a handy moisturizer and be prepared for the cold water.

The pink Lake Hillier is worth golds and diamonds

Australia is also a great location for clusters of archipelago and people usually go there for this island experience. Lake Hillier is one such place, which is located in the Long Islands. What’s the USP of the Lake? It’s a saline lake, which usually demonstrates the color pink. A long and thin shore divides the lake from the Southern Ocean.

It is also an amazing spot for fishing, and the best fish available in the lake is the three-spined stickleback. You can go with your friends, enjoy the scenic beauty there, catch some fishes and have an adventurous afternoon.

What do you know about the Mardi Gras festival?

Usually organized in February and March, this festival is a lovely sight for the eyes if you are looking for an extravaganza and costumes for having a blast. It is also colloquially called the Day Tuesday and if you’re looking for great fun with friends, you can dress up and go to the festival.

What can I expect at the festival? A nice parade followed by festivities and great food. Apart from that, a lot of fun and once in a lifetime kind of experience.

The greatest attraction in Australia – Great Barrier Reef.

Have you always imagined yourself to venture out into deep oceans like the movies? Then, you’re in the best part of the world as Australia has the brilliant Great Barrier Reef. This place is known for its happening ocean life and people go for dives to enjoy the beauty.

The aquatic life is beautiful, serene and the experience is unparalleled. You’ll get to see the beautiful marine fishes like Clown Fish, the Yellow Tan, blue Damsels, Lion Fishes, enigmatic red prawns, etc.

Also, the invertebrates at the reef are amazing, as it is a nice coral formation. You’ll get to see the Anemones and vibrant colors of the reef valley formed by algae due to varied sunlight.

Do you love wine and love wine tasting at wineries?

If you love wine and love to go to wineries around the world, then Australia is your place-to-be. Blessed with different wineries, there are lovely vineyards in the country.

Australia is also known to produce great flavored wine – Mango wine being one of them. Since there are a lot of wineries to visit, keep an encyclopedia to the Wineries of Australia handy. This will help you to prioritize the wineries as per your taste and preference.

So, what are you waiting for? If you’re planning a trip to Australia, make sure you have these places on your list, and ofcourse, don’t forget to capture the beauty – your Instagram is waiting!