the wolves update on marooned


Buy a Guitar and Support Marooned 


A Melbourne Muso, who wishes to remain anonymous has generously donated this USA built 2002 Fender Stratocaster Guitar to the cause.

All proceeds go to the shooting fund.

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Here is out Cultural fund which is government-run crowdfunding especially for artists

All donations over $2 are 100% Tax Deductible. 


Or if you would like to join the journey of Marooned the film

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please contact us to read the prospectus. 

We are now in sight of the

shooting budget.



Trying to find a place to shoot Marooned in a pandemic is very interesting. Many places are closed. Several have gone under. Others explain that no one can use their space until next year. 

Plus it has to be soundproof, not many windows

and yet still be interesting to some degree.

This week we are in talks with several Universities but if you know of a place that might work please get in touch.


Gregory Caine who plays 1620 talks about his time with the play

None of the characters have names. We only know them by their statistic. 

We only ever hear suicide by the numbers, and its the actor’s job to humanise them, which they do beautifully 


James The boat builder who brought Marooned to Corowa. 


Noel Thomas who brought Marooned to Yarrawonga 


Graham Blumfield who brought the play to Frankston

Andrew Beale, who along with Debbie Manallack brought Marooned

to Cororooke

Kylie Graham who brought Marooned to the attention of the Army

Many thanks also to Alex Gardiner and Simon McKeon AO

Daryl Newton the Legendary Roadie who taught us how to stage Marooned anywhere.

Greg Pandelidis, the second person to read the play and the first 1620

Alec Gilbert who played the first 768 and also 1620 

Charlie Collopy-White, now a playwright himself, who played 134 for the first two seasons  

Alex Pinder who played 768 when the play had four men and no women.

Darcy Smith 

who played 134 at The Lawler 

A huge thanks to Allan Rendell and Aleksandar Vass Vasiljevic OAM, for generously allowing us to use the Alex Theatre for rehearsals.

Another huge thanks to Michael John Pacholli for allowing us to rehearse in the Toorak Bowling Club and all the other help he has generously offered. 

Hugo Race who leant his voice to our final song Adrifting through our Generation. 

Guy May whose suicide gave birth to the play. And his Mother Felicity May with some of the cast.

A huge thank you too to all those who we have not mentioned this time due to lack of space but not lack of importance.