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Extermination Steps for Wasp Control Adelaide

extermination steps for wasp control adelaide

Getting rid of wasps is necessary especially when you have pets, kids, and family members allergic to wasps. For smooth and safe wasp nest removal you need to rely on professionals from pest control Adelaide.

However, the homeowners’ task doesn’t just end with hiring wasp control. There are preventive measures all residents need to take for their safety. Here’s what step by step professional wasps removal Adelaide includes:

Safety Planning

  • For assuring the safety of your loved ones, it is ideal to get yourself tested for wasp allergies. After receiving the doctor’s confirmation, proceed with wasp control.
  • It is better to leave the wasp nest undisturbed till the professionals arrive. You don’t want to get stung by these aggressive wasps multiple times.
  • Avoid standing on ladders for reaching the wasp nests, as you can become an easy target.
  • Make sure to get your pets and kids to a safe location, before booking an appointment with wasp exterminators.
  • Wear protective clothing on the day of treatment. Make sure to cover your face, neck, legs, and arms, so wasps cannot sting you while flying away.

Contacting Professionals for Wasp Nest Removal Adelaide

Leaving the task of wasp control for professionals is the wisest decision you can make. Wasp can make a nest anywhere in and around your premises. Most of the time wasp nests are located at higher places.

Performing wasp control is dangerous as there is a risk of falling from a great height. You can get severely injured from falling and getting stung by the wasps.

Make sure to book your wasp control appointment at your convenience and availability.

Identification of Wasp Species

Residents may or may not know wasp species that has invaded their premises. However, before removing the wasp nest, it is best to identify the species of wasps you are dealing with. Rely on professionals for wasp control Adelaide!

Paper wasp: paper wasps can be identified from their long legs and bodies. Their nests are usually visible and large. These wasps only attack when threatened. However, their stings can be extremely painful and dangerous for those having wasp allergies.

Hornet: Hornets are the most dangerous and largest species of wasps. They can be identified by white marks on the head and thorax. Hornets have paper-like nests which are usually located in wall cavities and trees.

Yellow Jacket: yellow jackets are short legs and black antennae. Their nests are paper-like and enclosed. Commonly, you can spot these yellow jacket wasps in wall voids and the ground cavity. These wasps are highly aggressive and attack in swarms stinging multiple times.

Nest Removal and wasp treatment Adelaide

Wasp nest needs to be treated for removing wasps buzzing around it. However, before performing wasps removal, there are a few aspects that need to be considered.

Wasp nest removal should be performed late at night or early morning. By the nighttime, wasps get less aggressive and the risk of getting stung gets reduced.

For treatment of wasp nests, professionals use several methods including pesticide spray, insecticide dusting, water, and soap and smoking them out.

The treatment method is adopted by professionals based on the location and type of wasp nest. Therefore, make sure to rely on experts for wasp treatment Adelaide.

Preventing Wasp Return

For preventing wasps from returning to your property, here’s what you should do:

  • Seal all the entry points.
  • Always keep your dustbins covered for preventing pests.
  • Avoid planting fruit trees near your house.


Wasp control Adelaide is an extensive task. Make sure to call professionals for quick, effective, and safe wasp nest removal!

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