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B.K.W.H. Set to Rule the R&B Scene with Highly-Anticipated Album ‘Beckwith’






UK-based R&B artist B.K.W.H, fresh off his cover feature on Blues & Soul magazine, is poised to take 2024 by storm with the release of his highly-anticipated album, Beckwith. This latest offering includes his two UK Top 40 hits, ‘You’re That Kind of Girl’ (#29 Official UK Charts) and ‘Be There’ (#37 Official UK Charts), promising an unforgettable musical journey for his fans.

The album is a curated collection of B.K.W.H’s greatest hits, featuring five UK Top 10 R&B songs and two UK Official Top 40 Hits. Each track showcases his unparalleled songwriting prowess and impeccable lyrical skills, making this album a non-skip masterpiece.

From the infectious new jack swing of ‘You’re That Kind of Girl’ to the soulful homage in ‘Soulful Women’, the album spans a variety of styles and influences. Collaborations with legendary artists like Keith Murray, Kool G Rap, and Ghostface Killah add depth and diversity to the project, while self-produced tracks highlight B.K.W.H’s versatility and creativity.

An exclusive remix by DJ Soulchild delivers a contemporary Street Edge sound, ensuring the album’s appeal to both traditional R&B lovers and new listeners alike. With a perfect mix of catchy rhythms, poignant lyrics, and gripping soundscapes, the album is a true masterpiece.


As Beckwith takes center stage, B.K.W.H proves once again his status as a multifaceted artist. Seamlessly blending luxury soul with funk and modern R&B elements, this album transports listeners into a realm of gripping soundscapes. With widespread acclaim from fans and critics alike, Beckwith solidifies B.K.W.H’s position as a trailblazer in the R&B genre.

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